His empathy


Hello you dearest… its been a while :)hehe how are you doing? im currently watching Aku bin Abdullah with my family… huuhuh sedih jua eh… dengan lagu2nya.. huhu rawan ati ku…

Anyways, I’m the type of person who really believes in “EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING”

Every cloud has a silver lining means that you should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days. Difficult times are like dark clouds that pass overhead and block the sun. When we look more closely at the edges of every cloud we can see the sun shining there like a silver lining. – Ecenglish.com

Few days ago life has been really rough for me… the feeling of giving up… despair… abandonment.. many mixed negative feelings.. i was really in my down moments.. at one point i almost gave up.. but never did i underestimate His empathy towards His servants.. I thank You dear Allah for always giving me a new hope.. a new form of happiness.. for never giving up on me.. for always believing me….. T_T Alhamdullilah~ 

I still remember dulu when i was feeling very down, kali on my way tu I saw a really beautiful rainbow right in front of me while driving… i cried in the car.. its like He is cheering me up T_T the other day i was going out but i was feeling kinda sad but everything was really smooth.. traffic lights were green all the way, The Mall was crowded but I got parking right in front of the main entrance… i got discounts.. i got free cake for buying a certain amount of foods.. i feel really WOW! i cried… MasyaAllah… T_T


A boy’s spirit


Hello you dearest… after the cousins’ wedding and all, i have been quite relax..hehe *grin* i have lots of time downloading series, FB-ing, twittering.. but then i decided to rest all those aside (except blogging.. i can’t skip my blogging habit cant i?hehe) and focus more on my life  … the real life… works, family, home, social life, house, sis’s wedding and etc…

Anyway, im here to update a lil about one of the happenings in my current work where there is this student named K who had this really amazing determination, motivation and hardwork in his studies. he came early to class… but his problem is he persevere quite shortly.. he gives up easily.. he had problems in writing especially in spelling but i find him a really smart boy.. ia really2 full of spirit lah if belajar.. one time i ask my students to bring one file.. to keep their papers cos aku pantang meliat my papers durang masukkan dalam bag tarus and at the end of the day, kuluk2 kuyak2… so i told them to buy a folder for my class.. just one saja.. can mix the papers according to subjects i don’t mind.. kali the next day, he proudly showed me four files… for each subjects that i taught and he says this to me, ‘aku mau berjaya teacher aku mau berjaya!’ time atu i was very overwhelmed by this student’s motivation… in my heart i was praying may he succeed in life.. Amin.. so the other night, after we had our quiz his team did not won the game.. and unexpectedly, i heard someone crying… its was this K boy…. i took deep breath cos i don’t want to be conquered by emotions as well… i asked him why is he crying.. but he didn’t answer… his friends said because his team didn’t win… i said, ‘it’s okay… try harder next time.. your team can win if you guys try and study harder” then he said, “aku inda mau fail teacher, aku inda mau fail! aku selalu fail di sekulah teacher! aku inda mau kecewakan mama bapa ku teacher” looking at his sad face breaks my heart into pieces… how much he really want to achieve that goal at a very young age.. i almost cried because when i was in school and uni i also had this hope of not wanting to upset my parents and to make them proud.. i was able to feel him.. i almost want to hug him… i took deep breath again… upon walking to my table, i was holding back my tears… i sat down.. the class was very quiet than usual… i started talking when i was getting a hang onto myself.. i decided to tell them stories of my life…. which i never told anyone before… i almost cried… some students cried….. i was overwhelmed… at the end of the class, the students promised me that they will study harder to succeed and they will never give up……. i was glad…

Last night, i had my social studies class and K is taking this class… i was very happy to see changes in him…. when he don’t know anything, he’ll ask.. kalau before he’ll say, ‘inda ku tau teacher’ but yesterday i can see him trying his best… and that paid off when he got the highest mark of them all during yesterday’s class.. i’m really happy… if he works harder… with all those determination that he has in himself, im sure he will succeed in life.. InsyaAllah :’)

A little something about me:


1. I don’t like too much mayo in my food

2. I love sour drinks; orange, lime, lemon juice… the more sour the more i like…hehe

3. I always find after- shave guys amusing…ahah LOL

4. When I have a lot of things to think of, I like to  remain quiet most of the time… when i’m quiet or when i do not entertain you, it does not mean im angry *wink*

5. I can be in two extremes… super rajin & super pemalas…..ahahah

6. Not a pengusut type of person but if I do, I must be really-really-really upset then…

Mr. Pinoy


Hello there….. yesterday was my 3rd class and it was with my social studies class… 3 students only..heheh i went to work kinda early yesterday cos i have to settle some stuffs and do some photocopying.. ever since i was in my degree course, my TP times up till now i have always had this one particular photocopy shop which i like… balik2 muka ku di sana saja tu…especially masa TP kan tiap2 minggu meliat muka ku saja… i dunno if i am the picky type… cerewet?? inda jualah kali..hehe but im more to the service type of person… if service bagus suka ku tu… this particular shop the worker is a Philippino.. i once thought he was a Bruneian cos cakapnya macam orang sini… servicenya bagus lah… inda babal nya orang..ahahah i only say my instructions once.. ia sudah phm.. sometimes if ia can’t catch up ia gto.. honest… i like that.. ok pokok pangkalnya aku sukalah sana… its been like 2years+1year= 3 years lah ku photocopy di sana… so yesterday i wanted to photocopy some papers for my kids.. kali liat bukan ia lagi yang keraja sana… dup dap dup dap jantung ku…huhuh i dunno… mcm rapat sdh sama ia.. sometimes cerita2 menunggu photocopy siap… p ku kuatkan jua semangat masuk kadai atu.. i said to myself, mana tau bagus servicenya orang baru ani… balum lagi ku sampai area atu.. the girl said,

G – banyak kan kita photocopy? (what a BAD introduction question!)

Me- inda jua.. dlm 10 kaping…

G- banyak lagi plg kan kami photocopy

me – jadinya? (dalam ati ku) ‘ooohh.. yakah’ (i wanted an explanation plg tu.. mcm 10 kaping pun kamu inda dapat photocopy? ah 10 kaping bah??)

me- 10 kaping pun inda dapat? (there i said it)

G- inda

and i just left! oh mr.pinoy where are you???huhuh aku kan menangis lah time atu.. i mean, before this he never ever ever buat aku upset… selalunya.. yang banyak2 tu ia put aside dulu.. yang orang photocopy sikit2 ia dulukan… he even ask tu urgent or not.. if urgent ia tolong…i almost stop at the shops… i was like, di mana tah ku kan photocopy ni??huhu so i photocopy at the bookstore near the shop… argggggghhh……. lambattttt 10 kaping 5 minute! makin tah ku stress…huhuh well, the kids made my day jualah 🙂 i enjoyed teaching them last night… funtastic!

till here…. 😦 mr. pinoy~~~

Give and take


Hello you dearest….. this is gonna be just a short post… just wanna update my current life’s stories..hehe yesterday i had my second class with the science class kiddos… ani basar2 sikit lah cos most of them are from year 6 and few from year 5… cute2 tu kurang sikit..heheh but they are very eager to learn.. which makes me really happy.. teaching is indeed a very fulfilling job (when everything goes right that is!hehe) i dunno how a tuition class is suppose to look like or sound like… i dunno if it is suppose to be chalk and talk… just tutoring… pen and paper.. but i do what i always believe in… student-centered approach… peer tutoring… discovery learning.. these three are the strategies i most believe in among others which i also take into account too at times.. we played games, activities, we sing, we discuss… we do quite all sort of things in a day… it is quite tiring tho.. for a 2hour 30 minutes class.. but the feeling is just amazing when they are contributing things to the class (and not just me)… give and take… i love that three words….. till here, hope you guys are doing well 🙂

My first day


Hello you dearest.. i just got back home…. caliiiiiiii today….. kan i was so misreble lately ani…. mengusut saja keraja ku..ahahaha but today, i was on top of my world.. i am so happy.. though i was kinda late for my class..BOOOOOHOOO! i thought my BM class was at 5.30.. i was at my cousin’s house for her nikah around 1 ish.. sibuk jualah udah di sana atu.. then got SMS from the principal of the school telling me that im suppose to be teaching at 2.30 till 5 today.. and it was already 2.35! i was panicking…. inda lagi ku tesalam orang ramai… my sis and i were running to the car… were wearing our heels macam OHMY! i wish i could run barefoot time atu… ceh! nasib i brought along my teaching materials apa so inda payah singgah rumah lagi…. zoom to my tuition school… went to see the principal to say my apologies for being late and CARELESS…. then, went in my class….. all i can say is, they are so adorable.. gauk but mau belajar…. which i like.. i had fun teaching them today…. during break time they approach me at my table.. kali this kid ask me,

boy 1- teacher  sudah kawain?

me – alum..

boy 2 – teacher ada kawan?

Me- ada….. ramai kawan teacher

boy 2 – boyfriend bah teacher

Me- oh…. nada….

boy 3- kenapa nada teacher?

me – pasal teacher alum jumpa lagi yang teacher suka *buat2 mua serius*

boy 4- teacher, teacher, bapa ku ada kawan cher…. ia kadang2 jadi bilal di masjid dulu ia sekulah di mahad

me – ahh…. teacher inda mau tua eh *ketawa… kidding*

boy 4 – inda cher, muda mcm teacher….. namanya kamaluddin

me – oh kamal…..

boy 3 – kamaluddin

me – oh kamaluddin

boy 4 – cigu nanti aku gto uncle kamal ah

me – *panic mode* eh! jgn eh.. malu cigu……

ended the conversation by telling them their break is over….. fuh!ahahah kids… done a number of activities with them… i hope ive taught them well today 🙂

IMAG0409 IMAG0410 IMAG0412 IMAG0414 IMAG0416 IMAG0417


and happy wedding day to my lovely cousin, 🙂


Just mumbling


Hello everyone… i feel like blogging now… actually im killing the time cos i’ll be going to BSB again this afternoon but have to send the lil brother to ugama dulu which will be in 15mins time.. now im in my room baru siap and the weather is kinda hot.. this morning i went to BSB with mum and dad.. yeaaa been very occupied with lots of stuffs since last couple of weeks.. i bet it will be more hectic in weeks ahead.. too many things and cousins’ wedding to settle. we are literally running against time.. our house is currently under renovation now.. so 3-4 times in a week my morning is kinda noisy with the constructions going on downstairs.. so far 90% has been bricked.. all the drilling and stuffs made my sleeping pattern kinda disrupted.. stress!ahaha tapi inda apalah its for the best gipun its what my mum and dad been dreaming of.. i guess, my emotional state for the past weeks has been really unstable.. but i think im okay now.. my sis’s wedding is due soon in November this is one of the reason why my parents wanted the house renovated in the first place besides comforts and all.. i always saluted my parents… all their life, all they want is always… the best FOR us… thats why, my urge is always wanting to give my best FOR them… they are indeed, my most greatest gift from Allah… without them, i don’t know how my life would be.. ok, enough said, before i get too emotional..eheh i gtg now! tata~