Hello Hi… Call me Mumui … 🙂

I’m a girl with many dreams.. im fascinated about many things.. i enjoy almost anything.. i laugh almost everywhere.. basically im just a normal simple girl in this world (typical?ahaa) .. like one of this blog i read last night, he said, im just a dot in the earth map.. clever~ 🙂 i dunno whats special about me compared to anyone else… but at least im someone to some people (so it doesnt make me sound pathetic..aha)

Books, movies, tv series, education, baking, cooking, food, photography, music, home, colours are the things that i adore 🙂 my family, my friends, my knowledge, my skills in certain things, my self-motivating acquisitions and my optimistic thinking are my life’s priceless treasures 🙂

Nothing much to say, hope you are enjoying your stay here….. where i share my life’s journey through thick and thin and more often you’ll just have to bear my bubbly thoughts over (simple, complicated, silly.. etc etc) things… .. Adios!


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