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Alhamdulillah is a phrase that has been said from my mouth much frequently that other phrases in this world for the entire week…… alot of unexpected things happen in my life… much of it are gifts of joys that nothing can ever replace.. it has  been really blissful.. being under his blessings and rahmat in every steps that I take… thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.. Alhamdullilah, syukur Ya Allah :’) the tears of joys, the sounds of gratitude, the words of joys.. I am always thankful for these rezeki…

The classification result of my degree programme had been revealed last Tuesday. The summary of my 5 years struggles in UBD.. It is finally out!!! Waken by Eyan, i was subconsciously awake… head was spinning… mind was lost… i was puzzled but Eyan’s voice was clearly heard to my ears… ‘Mui tani dapat Second upper’ i think I responded to her by saying “yawah!!!” but then I think aku tidur balik..ahaha ceh! adakah patut… dalam otak ku macam banarkah yang ku dgr tadi… then i heard Eyan’s and Hana’s voice macam nangis2 so I was like.. is this for real??? then I woke up… saw their red eyes…. i was mostly awake… lama ku duduk arah my sofa… not thinking but mcm blank bah…. their voices.. the news… I hear but I don’t listen….. i was puzzled…. i think mcm batah ku blank atu.. i decided to go to the bathroom… freshen up abit…. a sudden goosebumps run to my veins… i was finally able to digest the news…. Syukur Alhamdullilah!!!! HEHEH I actually wanted to hug them but malu ku..ahaha lapas tu pikir2 lagi how am i gonna tell my family.. its not hard plg but I’m afraid that I’ll cry and inda tecakap.. typical me tu kalau overwhelmed.. ahaha Bismillah… called my mum.. as i expected.. menangis plg inda tecakap for the first couple of minutes..ahaha talked with my mum… text my family and friends about the good news… We were the happiest humans alive at that time!!!hehehe sayang Dy and Tan woke up late..ahah that moment was really precious lah…… its like we begin the journey together and end the journey together jua…… really beautiful bah….. I wanted to hug you guys..heheh p malu ku…. but i want you guys to know that I’m really proud of us… facing all the hardships together….. laugh like there is no tomorrow….. our memories are one of the things that always keep me going despite anything… When Im alone, when I’m sad the memories of you guys always bring a smile to my face and most importantly I am so thankful to have friends who will be there for me whenever I’m in trouble, believe in me whenever I had the doubts, never underestimate my potential, is there for me whenever I need a friend….. I am so blessed to have friends that I would not trade for anything but I would try my best to do anything for them… 

I am also thankful to my family who always believes in me.. who teaches me to be strong, to be thankful for everything, to be the person I am today.. they teach me to be strong they teach me to inspire they teach me to be a better person each and everyday of my life… to have such wonderful parents who are always there for me who always prays for the best and give me the best… who hugs me when tears fall down from my eyes… who trusts me over anything… my siblings who has always been so wonderful to me.. you guys are my bestfriends forever :’) 

I would also like to thank everybody for everything, anything, whatever it is that you have given me… May Allah bless us all! Amin! Thank you Allah for all the rezeki that you have given me….. :’) 

Thank you tikah for posting the pic! 🙂

Here are some of my blog posts when I was still a UBDians 😥

Hampir ke situ

23TuesdayNov 2010

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Exam just started yesterday….. went thru the first paper yesterday.. science paper…. Really thankful that I was able to finish the paper in 2 hours.. time management… time management is really important in exams.. especially now when all the papers are reduced to 2 hours and there’s no longer 10 minutes reading and jotting down points time allocated for us….. huhuh i was pretty nervous yesterday…. banar… nervous berabis ku…… my brother bawa jalan2 and makan2 before the exam pun aku rasa resah saja.. makan pun inda ku beselera….nervous berabis…… i hope i’ll be doing okay after this.. will be having my exams tomrrow, thur, sat, mon and wed… my final exams in UBD… huhuhuh gotta be strong…… looking at my close friends face always make me wanna hug them *boh tebongkar rahsia..ahahah* i dun wanna end our moments in UBD….. everything is so perfect….. gotta let go sooner or later…… we’ll still be friends even if inda lagi UBD.. kan kamu??hehee Good luck UBD-ians!!! Good luck my 18+7 friends~

A lil something from the heart 🙂

18ThursdayNov 2010

Posted by  in Churhat


Salam my dearest readers…. how are you guys doing? im currently not in my tip top condition.. huhuhu but hey, i’ll be okay.. Ya Sudahlah like Bondan said..ahaha Thank you to you wonderful people who care so much about me :)i’ll be okay~ its revision week for us, the uni students.. exam is just around the corner and i seriously do not know how well and how far i am doing at the moment.. and seriously this semester’s courses are kind of chalengging especially in undergoing its exams.. two of my courses are merijapppppp where there are no notes given just points and slides given by my fellow collegues for their presentation.. i hope.. really2 hope we are on the right track.. Sejarah 3 is kind of a headache.. not that i’ve started revising but looking at the previous presentations makes me shiver.. how am i gonna get thru this? im not sighing.. its just a matter of me being ready or not to go through my final and last exam (insyaAllah) during my 5 years in uni.. maths lagi.. paning kepala ku eeee… ingat maths ingat Mr. *tut* aissshh… STREEEWWEEES!ahaha

lets put all that aside dulu.. lots of things are coming to an end in my life right now.. my uni life, my hostel life (which literally had ended couple of months ago..ahaha), my coupon life (oh my!), my Ummi Solomeh life and etc.. lots of wonderful things that means alot to me.. i will surely miss driving to uni early in the morning… selalunya time driving tu th ku reminisce my life.. the ups and downs of my life.. been so sentimental for a few week ani during driving.. mesti titik2 airmata ku.. i’ll surely miss the lovely ladies.. EDH.. Went thru lots of wonderful memories with them all this while.. i always feel so blessed and lucky to be a part of the wonderful friendship.. u can always count on them.. whenever you need a hand, trust me.. they are always there for you… and i never lack that from them… when I need someone to talk to.. when i need someone to be with me.. they will be there…. we have gone through lots and lots of things together.. for 5 years… its a lie if i say our friendship is always great and cheerful.. but im proud to say, the best thing about our friendship is that we accept each other for who we really are.. no matter what happen, at the end of the day, it is still we ourselves and us… Mumui, Dyane, Eyan & Hana.. :’) for couple of years ani.. we also get to be with these 2 wonderful people, Mena & Tan.. they are part of us now.. we have spend so much GREAT times together.. the time spent together is something i will forever missed and never forget.. Love kamu semua *big bear hug*  :)


Sob Sob T_T


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