Our little hero


Assalamualaikum…… Hello you 🙂 I’ve got so many things to update here…yehe~ but I’ll try to keep it short cos we’re kinda busy here at home cos karang malam got Majlis doa arwah at home with the big family and the villagers jua.. anyway, few days ago there was this news about an accident in Tutong where the car’s handbreak was broken kali the car termasuk ke sungai tutong.. you guys ada meliat this in the news?? if im not mistaken two died and one survived.. ok, kalikan..heheh jeng jeng jeng… the other day the kids were busy talking before the class starts.. selalunya aku jarang join in their stories.. kadang just ‘ohhh” or ketawa or senyum… if drg bawa cerita baru ku cerita… but inda semana2 this boy’s story caught my attention…. he said, the other day, i save a guy from drowning… and i was like….. WOW! kali ia ckp teacher ada liat berita?? and then that news suddenly pops into my mind?? kan melumpat ku, “ahhhhh yang berita kereta masuk dalam sungai???????’ he said, “awu cher.. aku meyelamatkan urang atu” and one point i was like, eh banar kah anak ani….. kali ia ceritalah cemana ia meyelamatkan orang atu… ia menyalam… ambil kayu and pacahkan ceramin kereta orang atu… and keluarkan orang atu dari kereta.. yang buat aku pecaya anak ani is ia bukan jenis yang becakap.. yang jenis if ia rasa becakap then becakap.. bukan bibiran or yang jenis capi2.. aku mcm WOW! a year 6 bah……. tapi badannya kinda big jualah for a year 6.. tapi i was really proud lah… if i were him, bangga berabis ku… oh my… basar pahalanya menyelamatkan orang…. May he will be blessed forever… amin3…… :’) then i told the other kids to give him a round of applause for his bravery……. ❤

And yesterday, i went to UBD with eyan to print our transcript.. sedih lagi ku… before this ada plg rasa ku sdh mcm BYE2 UBD… tapi looking at the transcript yesterday mcm mengiyakan YOU JUST COMPLETED YOUR DEGREE PROGRAM.. huhuhu and i was really happy jua to see my final semester’s result.. Syukur Alhamdulillah~ hehe and today kami baca doa arwah for our family members that has left us… and went to a better place near Him….. Al-fatihah to my late grandfather who i really missed :'(, my late grandmothers and my usu Norhaya… Al-fatihah 😥 i really miss them… may they rest in peace and ditemptkan di antara orang-orang yang beriman… amin3…….


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