A boy’s spirit


Hello you dearest… after the cousins’ wedding and all, i have been quite relax..hehe *grin* i have lots of time downloading series, FB-ing, twittering.. but then i decided to rest all those aside (except blogging.. i can’t skip my blogging habit cant i?hehe) and focus more on my life  … the real life… works, family, home, social life, house, sis’s wedding and etc…

Anyway, im here to update a lil about one of the happenings in my current work where there is this student named K who had this really amazing determination, motivation and hardwork in his studies. he came early to class… but his problem is he persevere quite shortly.. he gives up easily.. he had problems in writing especially in spelling but i find him a really smart boy.. ia really2 full of spirit lah if belajar.. one time i ask my students to bring one file.. to keep their papers cos aku pantang meliat my papers durang masukkan dalam bag tarus and at the end of the day, kuluk2 kuyak2… so i told them to buy a folder for my class.. just one saja.. can mix the papers according to subjects i don’t mind.. kali the next day, he proudly showed me four files… for each subjects that i taught and he says this to me, ‘aku mau berjaya teacher aku mau berjaya!’ time atu i was very overwhelmed by this student’s motivation… in my heart i was praying may he succeed in life.. Amin.. so the other night, after we had our quiz his team did not won the game.. and unexpectedly, i heard someone crying… its was this K boy…. i took deep breath cos i don’t want to be conquered by emotions as well… i asked him why is he crying.. but he didn’t answer… his friends said because his team didn’t win… i said, ‘it’s okay… try harder next time.. your team can win if you guys try and study harder” then he said, “aku inda mau fail teacher, aku inda mau fail! aku selalu fail di sekulah teacher! aku inda mau kecewakan mama bapa ku teacher” looking at his sad face breaks my heart into pieces… how much he really want to achieve that goal at a very young age.. i almost cried because when i was in school and uni i also had this hope of not wanting to upset my parents and to make them proud.. i was able to feel him.. i almost want to hug him… i took deep breath again… upon walking to my table, i was holding back my tears… i sat down.. the class was very quiet than usual… i started talking when i was getting a hang onto myself.. i decided to tell them stories of my life…. which i never told anyone before… i almost cried… some students cried….. i was overwhelmed… at the end of the class, the students promised me that they will study harder to succeed and they will never give up……. i was glad…

Last night, i had my social studies class and K is taking this class… i was very happy to see changes in him…. when he don’t know anything, he’ll ask.. kalau before he’ll say, ‘inda ku tau teacher’ but yesterday i can see him trying his best… and that paid off when he got the highest mark of them all during yesterday’s class.. i’m really happy… if he works harder… with all those determination that he has in himself, im sure he will succeed in life.. InsyaAllah :’)


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