Mr. Pinoy


Hello there….. yesterday was my 3rd class and it was with my social studies class… 3 students only..heheh i went to work kinda early yesterday cos i have to settle some stuffs and do some photocopying.. ever since i was in my degree course, my TP times up till now i have always had this one particular photocopy shop which i like… balik2 muka ku di sana saja tu…especially masa TP kan tiap2 minggu meliat muka ku saja… i dunno if i am the picky type… cerewet?? inda jualah kali..hehe but im more to the service type of person… if service bagus suka ku tu… this particular shop the worker is a Philippino.. i once thought he was a Bruneian cos cakapnya macam orang sini… servicenya bagus lah… inda babal nya orang..ahahah i only say my instructions once.. ia sudah phm.. sometimes if ia can’t catch up ia gto.. honest… i like that.. ok pokok pangkalnya aku sukalah sana… its been like 2years+1year= 3 years lah ku photocopy di sana… so yesterday i wanted to photocopy some papers for my kids.. kali liat bukan ia lagi yang keraja sana… dup dap dup dap jantung ku…huhuh i dunno… mcm rapat sdh sama ia.. sometimes cerita2 menunggu photocopy siap… p ku kuatkan jua semangat masuk kadai atu.. i said to myself, mana tau bagus servicenya orang baru ani… balum lagi ku sampai area atu.. the girl said,

G – banyak kan kita photocopy? (what a BAD introduction question!)

Me- inda jua.. dlm 10 kaping…

G- banyak lagi plg kan kami photocopy

me – jadinya? (dalam ati ku) ‘ooohh.. yakah’ (i wanted an explanation plg tu.. mcm 10 kaping pun kamu inda dapat photocopy? ah 10 kaping bah??)

me- 10 kaping pun inda dapat? (there i said it)

G- inda

and i just left! oh mr.pinoy where are you???huhuh aku kan menangis lah time atu.. i mean, before this he never ever ever buat aku upset… selalunya.. yang banyak2 tu ia put aside dulu.. yang orang photocopy sikit2 ia dulukan… he even ask tu urgent or not.. if urgent ia tolong…i almost stop at the shops… i was like, di mana tah ku kan photocopy ni??huhu so i photocopy at the bookstore near the shop… argggggghhh……. lambattttt 10 kaping 5 minute! makin tah ku stress…huhuh well, the kids made my day jualah 🙂 i enjoyed teaching them last night… funtastic!

till here…. 😦 mr. pinoy~~~


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