Give and take


Hello you dearest….. this is gonna be just a short post… just wanna update my current life’s stories..hehe yesterday i had my second class with the science class kiddos… ani basar2 sikit lah cos most of them are from year 6 and few from year 5… cute2 tu kurang sikit..heheh but they are very eager to learn.. which makes me really happy.. teaching is indeed a very fulfilling job (when everything goes right that is!hehe) i dunno how a tuition class is suppose to look like or sound like… i dunno if it is suppose to be chalk and talk… just tutoring… pen and paper.. but i do what i always believe in… student-centered approach… peer tutoring… discovery learning.. these three are the strategies i most believe in among others which i also take into account too at times.. we played games, activities, we sing, we discuss… we do quite all sort of things in a day… it is quite tiring tho.. for a 2hour 30 minutes class.. but the feeling is just amazing when they are contributing things to the class (and not just me)… give and take… i love that three words….. till here, hope you guys are doing well 🙂


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