My first day


Hello you dearest.. i just got back home…. caliiiiiiii today….. kan i was so misreble lately ani…. mengusut saja keraja ku..ahahaha but today, i was on top of my world.. i am so happy.. though i was kinda late for my class..BOOOOOHOOO! i thought my BM class was at 5.30.. i was at my cousin’s house for her nikah around 1 ish.. sibuk jualah udah di sana atu.. then got SMS from the principal of the school telling me that im suppose to be teaching at 2.30 till 5 today.. and it was already 2.35! i was panicking…. inda lagi ku tesalam orang ramai… my sis and i were running to the car… were wearing our heels macam OHMY! i wish i could run barefoot time atu… ceh! nasib i brought along my teaching materials apa so inda payah singgah rumah lagi…. zoom to my tuition school… went to see the principal to say my apologies for being late and CARELESS…. then, went in my class….. all i can say is, they are so adorable.. gauk but mau belajar…. which i like.. i had fun teaching them today…. during break time they approach me at my table.. kali this kid ask me,

boy 1- teacher  sudah kawain?

me – alum..

boy 2 – teacher ada kawan?

Me- ada….. ramai kawan teacher

boy 2 – boyfriend bah teacher

Me- oh…. nada….

boy 3- kenapa nada teacher?

me – pasal teacher alum jumpa lagi yang teacher suka *buat2 mua serius*

boy 4- teacher, teacher, bapa ku ada kawan cher…. ia kadang2 jadi bilal di masjid dulu ia sekulah di mahad

me – ahh…. teacher inda mau tua eh *ketawa… kidding*

boy 4 – inda cher, muda mcm teacher….. namanya kamaluddin

me – oh kamal…..

boy 3 – kamaluddin

me – oh kamaluddin

boy 4 – cigu nanti aku gto uncle kamal ah

me – *panic mode* eh! jgn eh.. malu cigu……

ended the conversation by telling them their break is over….. fuh!ahahah kids… done a number of activities with them… i hope ive taught them well today 🙂

IMAG0409 IMAG0410 IMAG0412 IMAG0414 IMAG0416 IMAG0417


and happy wedding day to my lovely cousin, 🙂



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