Just mumbling


Hello everyone… i feel like blogging now… actually im killing the time cos i’ll be going to BSB again this afternoon but have to send the lil brother to ugama dulu which will be in 15mins time.. now im in my room baru siap and the weather is kinda hot.. this morning i went to BSB with mum and dad.. yeaaa been very occupied with lots of stuffs since last couple of weeks.. i bet it will be more hectic in weeks ahead.. too many things and cousins’ wedding to settle. we are literally running against time.. our house is currently under renovation now.. so 3-4 times in a week my morning is kinda noisy with the constructions going on downstairs.. so far 90% has been bricked.. all the drilling and stuffs made my sleeping pattern kinda disrupted.. stress!ahaha tapi inda apalah its for the best gipun its what my mum and dad been dreaming of.. i guess, my emotional state for the past weeks has been really unstable.. but i think im okay now.. my sis’s wedding is due soon in November this is one of the reason why my parents wanted the house renovated in the first place besides comforts and all.. i always saluted my parents… all their life, all they want is always… the best FOR us… thats why, my urge is always wanting to give my best FOR them… they are indeed, my most greatest gift from Allah… without them, i don’t know how my life would be.. ok, enough said, before i get too emotional..eheh i gtg now! tata~


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