Miss Tuition Teacher


Assalamualaikum… Hello you.. πŸ™‚ How are you guys hanging in there? be strong yea… always put on that beautiful smile of yours cos… ‘senyuman itu satu sedekah’ πŸ™‚ hehe I always believe in these small things….. a smile, a simple thank you, a little attention, a hug, a pat… those small things actually can mend bigger things just like magic.. anyways, yesterday the principle of my tuition school text me for an interview which was today.. at 5.30pm at the school… i thought the principle of the school was the female teacher I gave my form to.. kali tadi tekajut beruk eh meliat rupanya a male principle…kuweng kuweng… neves attack… and annooooying nya on my way to enter the tuition school the neighbour was playing badil bah..huhuh kan menangis kekajutan ku eh time atu… siapa jua sangka ada urang main badil time2 cemani ani…. mcmth puasa or raya… hari jadi Sultan alum jua lagi… *huh!* so naik ke atas to the principle office.. kekajutan lagi sikit lagi betamu mua sama the principle since ia busy mencari something… teteriak ku sedikit…ahaha ia pun keluar teriak kelakiannya…heheh caliiii… sorry mr.principle… πŸ™‚ first he ask me to read the rules and regulation paper… quite systematic the school.. i like that… then inda lama tu kana panggil masuk to the principle room… kabak2 eh… kali dah masuk tarus kana gto bila start mengajar, my subjects, my time, my classes… hari tekajut sedunia banar eh…hehehΒ 

Im gonna start being a tuition teacher this first July… weeeeweee!!!heheh i hope everything will go just fine.. amin3 πŸ™‚ i will keep you guys posted… till here, tata!


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