The crazy side of me


I Woke up this morning looking like a hair was a mess, my room was dusty, i kinda lost my voice and endless flu running down my nose. I literally heard myself shouting on top of my lungs for air… what happened last night?i mumbled.i was clueless for a sec…. then i remembered.i was staying up very late last night… baking, singing, dancing, chatting, jumping on top of my bed and many others i dn quite remember.. WTFH was i doing?? I Told this to a friend and he said, “ko frust kh?” Hahaha Lol. Sdg2 jua eh analysisnya ni.. but then coming to think of it, was i?am i? Entah… sometimes i dn really get myself…
So this morning, i took few meds to relief the fever.. took a short nap and woke up feeling much better and NORMAL…hehehe *peace*


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    • hahaha ntah ka… selalunya begila plg ku p nda plg mcm zombie esoknya.still normal.klu kau lyt ku td ka trok bnr…hahaha mun belaki, lari laki.hahah

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