Whats in my heart?


Assalamualaikum… Hi all.. As i was typing this post I literally have nothing in my mind to share with you people…. i just feel like posting….. Hope at the end of this post, i will be clicking on the publish botton and not the delete button..kekek there a alot of things running in my mind right now *pause* As we get older we sometimes miss being a kid again… when we were a kid, our parents told us what to do, what to choose, what is good, what is bad, what path you should choose…. as we get older, we decide things on our own…… we make plans on what we want our future to be… we can turn to our parents once in a while but at the end of the day, the decision is ours… good or bad… its in our hands….. Sometimes I come to a¬†devastation state where I don’t know what I should do/ could do/will do. I have made mistakes in the past… my life isn’t repose as repose-ly as it seems. I just don’t like to take my life out of the ‘box’… Im not keen in sharing my problems with people.. what we are facing….. all the obstacles and hardship we are having…. though I sometimes really in need to voice them out but always, i came to a conclusion… i am not that kind of person. I am the type who is ‘biarlah we and Allah sahaja yang tahu’ im just like that… not sombong or not because i don’t trust people…. but im just like that. I do share few stories of my life but jarang2 and only with certain people. Because of this attitude jua sometimes it breaks me deep down…. i fall apart… i breakdown… sigh….. this post is getting too EMO…kekek i think i GTG now….. sorry for this post


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