Life plans


Assalamualaikum…. Hello you dearest 🙂 Its been a really nice awesome day today…. so many many funny moments…kekek oh well, lets go straight to the point since im already sleepy….. Me and Dy talked about life planning today…. siukk cakap pasal ani…. yes siukk bnykk kan di cakap… but come to think of it.. actually its not about plan talk saja.. ok for example.. in the future i wanna buy lexus car….. i really want to buy that car… there i say it… but.. stop right there… mampu kan kau bali lexus? mungkin mampu what about other stuffs lagi?? what is ur main priority? kereta kah apa?? its those things we HAVE to take into consideration… ok, namanya planning antam saja bah nanti saja pikir.. ok… but do you dare to make mistake just because you dont think of it thoroughly? the thing about deep thoughts are supaya if tesalah jalan pun you’ll not regret that much cos you have thought about it… guys, pls don’t feel offended by the ‘you’ word i use its not particularly referring to YOU specifically, im actually saying that to myself..heheh my life plans… well, i want to divide them into two… small plans… big plans….. lets start with small steps dulu… like.. now… what do you really need to change about your life now? small plans like… i have to tidy my room everyday…. i must NOT eat junk food….. things like that….. than we move on to BIGGER PLANS… like what am i gona do if im accepted to UK? do i want to be a teacher the whole of my life? What am i gonna do if im giving up on my job? 

heheh tapi aku malas pikir dulu….. esok th…. k tata~ im sleepy already~~


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