being remembered…


Assalamualaikum and Hi dear readers of this blog… again, thank you for dropping by…. nothing much to update..hehe Its been a month or so since my last day of TP.. since i was posted in my own kampung punya school plus my lil brother go to school there jua sometimes i have to pick him up from school which is kinda hard for me masa mula2 cos i was afraid that i will burst into tears… my first time after TP to pick up the little brother the students came storming to my car to salam2.. wasnt really expecting that… than saw few teachers which i want to salam but inda jadi cos my pakaian was not really that appropriate.hehe so bye2 saja from the car… lesson learnt, after that everytime picking up the lil brother pakai baju and seluar yang appropriate and pakai tudung..heheh so everytime i pick the lil brother the students never fail to approach me to the car for salam…. wow…. its a really nice feeling….. that feeling of being remembered.. huhu i miss them so much.. common question that they ask that i always do not know what to answer….. ‘bila teacher ajar kami lagi?’ and balik2 my answer will be ‘doakan saja nanti k?’ my point here is, i really hope that when time to come they will still remember me.. maybe not so hectic as now..heheh everytime nampak me in the car the students came storming but i hope when they see me years to come they still know my name and who i am 🙂 so today went out to salam2 with the teachers time ambil hakim….. siuuuk ketawa…. i really miss them 😦 bh klh, till here…… have to get ready now….. tata


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