Moments of change


Hi again 🙂 So i was browsing through old pictures in my hard disk and found a folder entitled ‘my family’ … 11 years ago mum gave birth to a healthy and very cute little boy… Now that he is 11 years old, certain things kind of changed  drastically… he used to be my baby boy… the one who i cuddled and play around with at home… he used to be the lil boy who runs to me and hug me after i got back from hostel… the lil boy who always cry when my parents had to send me to the hostel.. the lil boy who tickles me when im down and sad… he is my everything…. as a boy at his age i should have known this will be coming…. the time when the big sister is not his bestfriend anymore… when hugging him is a big crime to him… when everything does not seem to be going the way it was used to be…. i should have expect this moment to come… he is not my baby brother anymore… he is my grown up little brother 🙂 whatever it is, he will forever be my bestfriend… my lil baby brother… i hope he will always know that ❤ below are picture of him when he was a little boy……. :’)

  DSC00567  DSC00800  DSC00828   DSC01917 DSC02097 DSC02098  DSC019171 Happy moments(534)      Mumui2110(1287)    PIC000053EDT1


He is all grown up now……….


I hope he will grow up as a very good person… respectful to the parents and others, helpful, decent, a responsible leader, a great husband and father, a faithful son… may Allah grant him a happy, healthy, successful and prosperous life until the end… Amin3…..

Love, Mumui M.



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