Growing old together <3


Assalamualaikum.. Hi sweethearts… thanks for being here….  This is my first time blogging using Windows Live Writer… Cool.. I am currently having my semester break… final year final semester break that is…. my years as a University student will end basically, end of this year… I will graduate soon, InsyaAllah…. whats my plan after I graduate?? I am actually planning to further my studies abroad or if inda pun in Brunei pun okay…. Wanna get my MA and work as a teacher for several years or so and im planning to try applying some works in other places other than school jua…. i dunno as what or where just yet…. by the way, the result of my TP isnt out yet… dup dap dup dap… i hope everything goes well… amin3… i really3 wanna pursue my studies overseas… it has been one of my dreams to live and study abroad… particularly at western countries like NY, UK and so forth….  able to experience different parts of the world… and to go to many places when I’m there…. rome? paris? yes…. amin3…. doakan k….

Holiday has been really3 great…. slept over at a friend’s crib with my other great friends… spending time and catching up sessions are always great with them 🙂 we also had our 18+7 group gathering last wednesday…. it was fun and the foods were nyummy!heheh having to meet the rest after quite a long time…. it was nice to meet them again 🙂 Hope to meet you guys again soon yeaaa…




You know, im a really hopless super lovey lovey type of person…heheh i always have this dream.. when im married in the future (insyaAllah) i really3 hope that the wedding will last forever…. i wanna grow old together with my future husband…. still loving and caring for each other endlessly…. looking at these pictures almost made me cry with tears…  :’)))

. couple,holding,hands,man,old,sweet,woman-49e5a1f6286aa70ec027f94976b64d5a_h elderly_couple_watching_television_bld007793 images images (1) images (2) images (3) old couple old couple_thumb[3]


Till here, have a great sunday everyone!

Love, Mumui Morni


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