Forever cherished


Assalamualaikum… Hello people!!! oh my.. i’ve browsed through my blog’s archive no post in april..ahah ohwell.. better late than never they said..hehe so yeaa.. this is my first post for april.. Welcome april!!! talking about April I hope it is not too late to wish my besty a huge CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!!ehehe Congrats Mel & Tom! Much love! xxxx

You look stunning mel! :)) So happy for you *hugs*

I have tons and tonssss of things to share with you people so bear with me cos I dunno how long this post gonna take..ahaha Some may know, some may not know… I’ve just finished my Teaching practice 2 days ago (Saturday)… believe me it was soooooooo blooodddyyy hell hard! *nah nyumpah tah pulang..ahaha payah banar th sudah tu* im so not good in saying good bye.. its been like ages aku inda menangis dapan urang… masa last day ubd pun i was able to hold my tears… tapi maybe since i was loosing it abit bah.. i was saying ‘kalau ku menangis, menangis tah eh’ kali banarrrrrrr……. i cried the whole morning.. start dari perbarisan pagi…ahaha ish bari malu banar…. i cried looking at their faces during speech….kuwang kuwang kuwang… i hug my CT and yang calinya my CT plg yang menangis lagi kuat dari aku…ahaha tapi sweet my CT dalam raung2 ia menangis sampat ia bagi semangat..heheh

tapi for me, that tears are worth it lah…im not gonna regret it.. heheh the experiences that i gained for 4months or so are much much much more practical and valuable compared to my 5 years study in Uni.. from teaching every working hours, meetings, contact time, CPGs, jaga hari every wednesday, having my own responsibilities towards one of the school notice boards, responsible for Word of the day activity, EIP every morning 7.30 till7.50, tukang angkat telefon kadang2..heheh, jadi kerani, CPG on my last day of TP, football emcee for 3 weeks or so and lots more….. im not gonna complain cos those experiences taught me lotsssss of things…

Having to be in the school alone.. the only TP student in the school.. is one very tough job.. emotionally, physically, intellectually challenged.. but it was hell of a ride..ahahah although it was tough but i had a really fun time in school… i love my kids sooooooo much. during the last day i felt like Barney…hehehe the girls hugme tightly and we cried together…. i will never forget that moment.. bought them gifts and brought foods and made the teachers cards… atu saja yang termampu ku bagi..kekeke it feels so awkward not going to school today..heheh but I am enjoying my holiday though…hehehe dad’s having his holidays.. so there are me, mum and dad at home..heheh indalah sunyi banar… kemarin first day holiday….. mcm syurga rasanya..hehe selalunya time TP sunday is LP day.. kali ani relax berabis… liat DVDs, liat TV main game rah FB… I feel like a princess…hehehe  

I can’t wait to meet my geng keras soon!!!! i miss them lotssss! 🙂 till here, you will see me more after this since im having the time of my life aka holiday bliss!kekeke Take care!

Love, MumuiMorni


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