WHAT THE……..??


Yesterday my dad got stung by a stingray.. his leg got stung.. but he’s okay now.. BUT where was i AT THE TIME? too busy doing my school works! sigh~ i was kinda ingorant bah yesterday.. wasnt putting much attention to what my family was talking outside since i was inside my room most of the time… the brother brought dad to the hospital and i didnt knew that up till now.. i just knew that…. i did realised that dad was sleeping early yesterday but i didnt know he got injected.. sigh sigh sigh….. now i feel like crying my heart out….. what the hell was i doing.. what the hell was i too busy for??? sebelum ani i wasnt like this.. before this i would be the first person to panic and bring dad to the hospital..i would be the one.. the heroin of all.. but why am i changing? chasing for this worldly job? sigh! i feel like punching the wall but that isnt a good idea as well.. stupido me.. what was i thinking? ignorant is a really100x evil disease! so not good… im learning my lesson…. okay i feel like crying….. STOP


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