My holidays :)


Assalamualaikum and Hello~ Thanks for being here… 🙂 Its the 7th day of the holiday.. 3 more days then the school will reopen again.. yey?hehe i havent done my work yet.. so many things to settle eh.. i really need to get going.. maybe after this? we’ll see… im not really a rigid person i might say.. im really randomlah jenisnya.. ikut mood bah fesen nya aku ani.. tapi bila ku sdh start bekeraja… bekeraja ku tu.. im all alone at home now, since my parents went to the beach, the boys went to play football and sis havent got home yet.. i’ve just cooked spegatti so while mkn speg online2… early in the afternoon i went to the saloon for these:

heaven heaven heaven banget! lately ani body ku rasa sangal2 bah.. especially my kaki… well, it has already been my routine plg ni to go for a body massage every month.. been doing this for 4 months sdh.. so far nyaman rasa badan.. and then if damam sekajap2 saja.. i think pasal ia buang angin atu kali ah? siiiiuukk~ and then for the first time in my life.. i did this..

muka ku inda plg senyum cemani….. ahah keradut2 jua lah masa kana thread atu.. dulu i ever tried face shaving tapi sekajap saja tumbuh so i decided to try threading.. tapi aku takutlah mula2 cos i heard it hurts berabis… my sis cakap sakitnya buleh sampai kan tekamih…ahaha but since muka ku bnyk tumbuh2 sdh so i decided to try it.. yes sakit… but inda sakit sampai ku teriak… dpt ku tahan.. ada some part mcm nyaman rasanya.. and of cos the after effect is awesome.. skin feels soft.. 🙂 so today was my self-pampering day ❤ i love it… will be recieving allowance until may saja so after may no more allowance :s behapath ku tu time cuti??huhu

What ive been doing during the holidays?? oh bnyk!heheh the first couple of days i went for a sleepover at the friend’s house along with my other friends.. siiiiiiuk!!! 🙂 catching up sessions…. churhat-ing….. dari pagi sampai 5 ish.. then tukar baju for our outing time 🙂 went to have our early diner at lemongrass restaurant.. then k-boxing 18 songs!haha p siiiiuuk~ feels really ringan lapas atu… amazing ah effects karaoke-ing ani… mcm let out rasanya.. then we went for a movie and watch Battle of LA…… siiiiiuk berabis! for me its a must-watch. Tho aku inda berapa suka kisah2 alien2 ani… tapi ani aku suka berabis…. awal sampai abis abak2 saja jantung ku.. this is the second movie where aku ada rasa kan keluar….. the first movie was a horror movie.. aku pun inda ingat tajuknya apa.. maybe congkak kali or santau.. i also cried at one part of the movie.. sedih berabis eh.. yang bagi abak2nya.. it can be real bah… merijap tu eh…

On saturday went to the airport to send a fren to SG.. afterwards since we were kind of hungry we went to have our breakfast at Jolibee and decided to play bowling jua… of course it doesnt feel the same without someone.. hope she was there with us at that time.. grenti lagi siuk 🙂 first time tasted the new BBQ chicken from Jolibee.. nyammmmmms! then went for a short k-boxing time courtesy of Mr. Tan 🙂 Then went back home 🙂

On sunday, went out with the family for the Pameran Padang Nabi and Tingkat Nabi Musa.. okay jualah.. but inda melawan yang masa dulu.. ani just replicas of the things made by Indonesia.. went to the expos and bought two books since they were on discounts of 20% 🙂 Singgh tanda kasih for our makan2.. ordered soto hati buyah.. nyums~ Monday stay di rumah saja and it was the lil brothers birthday 🙂 celebrated his birthday on tuesday.. tuesday morning went to bsb with a dear brother to buy and pick up gifts for the lil brother, custom-made chelsea jersey, study table, stupur, john cena’s movies and pick up his John Cena’s cake.. hehe went home around 3 then mlmnya around 6 jalan lagi to BSB.. -_-” ngalih! we celebrated his birthday at Aiko Sushi.. had a really fun fun time di sana with the family 🙂 And yesterday, went out with the hostelites gengs…. the lovely ladies… siiiiiuuk berabis! heheh went to UBD to urus2 the khatam al-quran thingy..on the way to HEP.. ada jualah rasa sebak2 atu.. 5 taun di UBD and now it feels like you dont belong there anymore..sob2.. ustazah wasn’t in her room so we called her saja and she was so sweet and helpful.. then went to ICTC to send our details via email to dear ustazah :)) we then headed to The Arch for our breakfast.. my first time there and i love the place.. so cosy and very comfy.. if aku ada rumah nanti im gonna make my house cosy cematu and lawa berabis.. had spegatti and hashbrown.. nyums. ika ordered waffle with vanilla icecream with caramel sauce? it was heavenly.. kalah belgium waffle ideal.. nyums! will definitely go there lagi to have a bite on its waffle.. then jalan2 to the mall before our movie starts.. ika belanja breakfast and movie.. thanks ika! we watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.. it was impressing for a Malaysian movie.. i was speechless most of the time.. mcm banar2 dulu2 punya movie.. tapi ada some of the speech too complicated for me.. tapi it was understandable jualah the storyline.. since quite plenty of tersirat punya scenes and dialog.. mcm confusing jua kdg2.. Nevertheless, thumbs up to KRU! 🙂 after movie wanted to treat the girls for makan2.. as usual payah2 pilih tempat.. ahahaha lastly ika decided to go to Aminah Arif Restaurant.. so went to kiulap and makan2.. then ke chonghock… was hooked and bought 5 movies and grey’s anatomy latest epi.. cos malas kan DL.. hehe then hantar dyane to her car and then singgah to hostel girl to pickup ika’s sister and went round2 ronda2 to the new hostel.. which is soooooooo lawa berabis… canggih eh usulnya… mcm rah luar negeri.. after that, balik Tutong.. it was a really wonderful week……..

Today relax2 di rumah konon kan buat keraja but end up going to the saloon and liat series…. haiiiiiya! 🙂 til here, take care!

Love, Mumui M.



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  1. :)))) I had a lot of fun time spending time with you girlsss.. been a while bebeh! :))

    ai siok mui pampering thinking of going for massage jua bah before i start work this monday! and yes mcm routine tah pulang ah massage2 ani hehe..about threading..when i had mine mata ku berair2 ni bah… bising lah ku sikit hehe (since dlm saloon atu aku sama adikku saja ada).. .sakit lah bagiku but bnr plg end result nya.. :)) but next time berpikir2 plg lagi if i wanna do it again..hehe

    • yes ika me too~heheh siuuk~ kau tau tempted ku eh kan membali bag udah meliat kau bali bag 2 for $40+ atu and lawa lagi tu..ahaha p alum ada masa ku kan ke mall.. wawawa awu bnr ka nyaman rasanya udah beurut atu.. ringan semacam..threading kira ku kan buat every month or sekali after two months cos bini2 tu ckp after first time ani inda lagi sakit tu.. tempted th ku jua..heheh

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