Life unexpected


When life gives us a thousand reasons to cry give life thousands reasons to smile…. i love this quote plg *sense that ‘plg’ word there* bunyinya mcm WOW! ok i will smile ni.. i will smile.. i will not cry i will not cry… tapi kan it is one of the quotes that is ‘its easier said than done’ true….. in a midst of time, we feel like letting out a heavy sigh kan.. i don’t really like to sigh because i read somewhere, from a hadith “Allah murka kepada orang yang  mengeluh”… something bunyinya cematu….. lapas tu aku really2 takut kan mengeluh… tapi as a normal human being, di mana kelebihan ku tanpa kekurangan.. my flaws my weaknesses are really everywhere.. i sigh…. i complain itu ini……. i cry… i fall apart… i lost my inner strength… sometimes i feel like giving up in life…. but in reality, life isn’t all about being happy….. going the way we want it to be…… life is a journey…. we gotta be really strong in going through it…. even an unexpected tsunami pun buleh hit Japan, it shows that if Allah says so, than that is so… Kun Faya Kun…..


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