im in love with…….


Oh hi everyone! Acuuuuu~ acuuuu~~~ sniff sniff~ my body currently isnt feeling good….the flu virus is attacking my body but im trying my best to fight it…. been drinking orange juice and eating grapes supaya inda menjadi damam ku.. pls pls pls i dun wanna get sick.. keraja ku masih lagi banyak betimbun… my students’ test paper pun alum bebuat… mls ku eh kan melayan bdn ku ni if damam cos i dun like damam yang lamah badan kan bediri or duduk pun rasa paning so have to belimpang and tidur saja… i hope really hope aku inda kana damam yang cematu…amin3

This week has been hectic yet promising… the SV went to school to observe me last tuesday. he’s a very helpful and nice person.. i wouldn’t ask for more 🙂 it wasnt perfect.. got comments here and there 🙂 but will try my best for his next observation… which will be early april 🙂

As a teacher for 1 month++, there are lots of things i still need to learn. it is all part of a learning process. I am amazed by those very committed teachers who are married and have children and have plenty of time for both work and personal life.. im considered kind of lucky jualah considering that im not in any serious relationship, there are no small kids in my house, got internet facilities at home, got my own room on my own.. basically I have all the time i need to commit well in my job. But still, i find the time so limited, so refrained… well one of the answer is maybe due to my sleeping pattern…. haisssshh.. hebat ni aku ni kalau tidur…. balik sekulah tidur then malam awal jua tidur… mana juakan cukup masa tu kan…. so not good mumui~ and last night, i watched 127 hours and it really made me going lah…. semangat berabis ku lapas meliat cerita atu….. strong will.. strong determination…. we need that to survive in life.. not just to survive but to accomplish some things.. at least one proud thing in life…. i love this kind of movies…. worth the watch! 🙂 love it~

So basically, the after effects of 127hours was that today aku awal bangun… around 5 ish *clap2 mumui* yes very awal (for me during non-school days)…. one of the reason was pasal i was suppose to go to UBD for the taklimat khatam alquran but then eyan read somewhere in FB that it was only for the pembimbing…. selalunya i end up tidur balik but ani inda, bagun tidur tarus usai bilik, online2 sekajap, then jalan ke gerai di bukit beruang to buy breakfast for the family, then cuci kereta grandis, then online, buat keraja sekajap, lepak rh bilik tamu and now.. its still 1pm and ive done like what, 6 things in half a day? before this aku jenis inda kuat hati bah… i hope i’ll persevere until the end….. its good for you mui, good for you…. at least kan, banyak masa pagi2 tu buleh jua ku buat other things jua kan tu like jogging kah, cycling kah~ mcm si banar karang hot hot chic shit saja tu… haissssh… p banar ngalih bah… p mesti kuatkan hati lah… keraja mana yang inda ngalih? my mum ALWAYS said this to me if aku complain2 ngalih lah apa lah…heheh

Tomorrow, i’ll be bringing the students to the bookfair… cant wait~hehehe wanna have an enjoyable time with them and the teachers tomorrow… ada jual makanan kah tu ah?hahah

These are pictures of us last night during our family function.. unfortunately not all of us were able to come but it was really fun~ lots of nyummy foods, liat movies, catching up, LOL’ing, gambar2… fun! 🙂


K good bye for now……..

Love, Mumui M



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  1. siuuuuk ke book fair. sampai pukul berapa mui the book fair??

    enjoy your time with the students k. ada tu jual makanan… bawa ja duit labih. ada jollibee tu. yummmm.

    • thank you norah~~ heheh kami betulak kul7.30 sampai 11.30.. sampai sekulah maybe around 12.30 lah tu..heheh owh mcm yang biasa2 tu lah if ada consumer fair selalu ada jollibee apakan.. mudahan th ku okay sok norah (aseh lain rasanya memanggil u ani norah..ahaha) cos ani mcm worsening dah my flu.. mudahan th ok eh.. thanks norah~ ;p

  2. LOL behapa tah jua kau manggil norah. HAHAHAHAH panggil ja zurah/km/princess. mana2 ja yang u prefer. *senyum2 malu* hahahha panat.

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