hang in there my dear


Assalamualaikum.. hello and hi~ here’s another update of my blog.. just a lil update not that important to the very seriousness to the VIPness…heheh but today, weekend aka SUNDAY all i did was spending my time in my bedroom ‘romancing’ with my lappy doing our usual works….. awuuu ‘siuk’ ahaha ohwell… tho I didnt enjoy it at first.. especially masa bagun tidur tadi, i was like allllllaaaaa buat keraja sekulah lagi……. but upon doing it i found myself enjoying it… u know the feeling of..mmm… not exactly enjoying it plg.. tapi mcm… satisfaction for finally getting a hang on it… mcm b4 this kan mcm kapai2 bah ku membuat LP ani pagi sampai mlm tu ku menyiapkan but today 4ish sdh siap… and i was so proud of myself for doing that.. ok bah mcm boosting th bunyi ku ni… tapi what i meant is that, to finally get a hang on something is the real deal.. it means that you are actually doing fine with your job… get what im saying? so be proud.. say your praises to dear Allah and those who support you all the way… Thank you for believing in me dear Allah and all of you wonderful people…. Hang in there my dear fellow friends… never give up! lets go through life together with bold heart…… cry when we feel we should its okay…. but try to be happy all the way.. (a note to self)

I love you guys for dropping by…… do give me feedbacks or comments if you are reading my blog… it would be nice to say hi to you.. yes you 🙂

YEY book fair is finally here….. im soooo gonna go there……. care to join??heheh just nudge me.. wosehnyanyanya..aha capi2 mode

Love, Mumui M


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