Assalamualaikum~ Hello & Hi…… its raining here now in Danau… lawa eh cuacanya… love it to bits…. its cosy and very the comfy… kan buat keraja pun semangat.. there are lots of pending works i need to settle today.. nak mampuiiiii… i hope i can finish everything by today…. amin3…. next week’s gonna be a very busy week for me since its the week of my sis’s engagement….. i hope everything will be fine by then.. i hope i can cope with the busyness nanti.. amin! during TP ani mudah ku ngalih balik from school grenti ngampai atas katil…. tidur..huhu i really need to energised myself eh….

BTW i went to miri yesterday with my beloved family…. fun fun fun! thats all i can say..keke 

my hot and roll snack.. nyums!

ordered chicken cheese pratha….. nyums

the rest played bowling 🙂 ngangah played too..heheh handal ngangah~

This week macam2 ada in school….. sedih… sampai at one time i had my breakdowns..huhu last tuesday, was the last day for our school’s headmaster..Cg. Mohammad.. masa assembly to say good bye atu sedih berabis ku…… cigu2 lain titik2 sudah airmata and i was telling to myself, jangan nangis jangan nangis…. cos aku lau ku start nangis pyh bah ku kan beranti…… huhu i didnt know that it was officially his last day in school. if i did, i would make him a card.. ku ada buat card for him but in the end i didnt gave it to him..huhu takut ku, ku sedih..walaupun i only knew him for about 2 weeks but he’s a very very kind, humble and caring person.. he’s like my father.. caring yet diligent.. im so gonna remember him for being one of the kindest person I ever knew :’) then during breaktime, we recieve a news that one of the relief teacher who happens to be one of my close friends in the school was being transferred to SR. Sengkarai.. :’) time breaktime lagi tu…. tarus inda beliur….huhu Mar….. IM SO GONNA MISS YOU.. thank you Mar for all the memories…. walaupun singkat but very meaningful….. right after that, on the same day, the rain poured really2 heavily….. the pupils were already out of control….. many were seen playing in the rain.. not long after that, heard some students shouting…. there were snake near the school’s store room… again, the pupils were out of control….. argggh…… got rid of the snake and I had to teach my year 1 right after the break which was very very difficult because they were soaking wet, cold and shivering, and they weren’t attentive….. aaaaaah! got back home after school feeling very exhausted and very heartbroken~ 😥 but everything is under control now…. im moving on~ 🙂 the new GB is so far, a nice person…. 🙂

Bah, i gotta finish up my work now….. tata~~~

Love, Mumui M.


When the heart speaks




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