Salam…. Hello… Hi 🙂

It’s sunday today… how i wish I dun have LPssss to do today…… kan bejalan ke kadai jua ku ni…..huhu sigh! Never mind that….. the weather is sooooo lovely now… from my window I can see the clouds darkening… wanting to pour out its encumbrance~ I love rain…. but when its causing floods everywhere in the villages I wish it didn’t rain.. i feel the intense sympathy for them…. There are few teachers in my school who were victims of the flood last few weeks.. kesian laaa… I didn’t slept well at night thinking of how its would feel like to experience flood in my own home…. i really can’t imagine how hard it could be….


I’m a very big fan of colbie caillat….. her voice is soooo soothing i must say… i salute her~ her music are beautifully created.. her songs are a very special treat for my Sunday 🙂 very the relaxing…. Thanks colbie!


How’s my TP going on?? as usual life has its ups and downs… teaching is an easy job but to be a good one is the real challenge…. its so hard to be a good one…. it needs hard work….. hardcore determination~ which at times, i lack of….  😦 the other day, i was at soonlee for grocery shopping and i saw these cashier working at soonlee and i was saying to myself, siuuuk plg keraja jadi cashier ani…..huhhu nada banyak kan diingaukan…huhuhu but then again, i should not be fearful cos this is life…. its not always easy….


PS: by the end of this post, the clouds had pour out the rain…… its raining…..


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