First week of TP


Salam… Hello.. and Hi…… Woke up this morning and i was really3 like, TGIF!ahah 4 days in school is quite tiring..ahah maybe the post effects of the holidays atu jua kali.. luan2 inda mau exercise..aha nah ani pandai kial2..aha my TP is doing well… so far im enjoying it and can cope with it… but since the school is lacking of teachers.. yesterday we only have about 6 teachers in school so it was really hectic.. sepanjang hari.. morning until 12.30p.m. in different classes either for teaching or relief the classes yang cigu2 drg nada.. but then again, its nothing to complain about since the school is lacking of staffs.. i will try my best to help… 4 days in school, i admit memang macam2 ragam.. aha i love my year 1 students.. so far drg nada problem untuk becakap (ada jua yang telabih bibiran atu.. sangal jua melayan.aha) my year 4 is abit quieter..  payah di suruh2 becakap.. the teachers pun really2 friendly… my favourite time with them was last wednesday during the staff development.. spend quality time with them making the bonds now much closer.. since im the only TP student in the school so im kinda struggling in getting use to the school and getting to know the school community and everthing.. and of cos, its not fun to do it all alone.. but then again, apa yang sudah tersurat atu maybe its the best for me…. thinking of it, school and home is less than 10 minutes away.hehe whats there to complain about?ahah ada in my school ni, memang fames gauk lah..  yesterday, when i relief his class, amazing ia pandai melukis… lukisannya bukan yang kanak2 punya lukisan ani architect punya lukisan.. cukup dengan garisannya and details.. ia buat ekor aeroplane.. lau aku kana suruh buat indath detail tu… tarus saja..ahaha but ia detail berabis… lain kali ku gambar and post di sini aaa… grenti kamu amazed jua for a 11 years old child.. oh and last tues, ia teriak nyaring berabis sampai satu sekulah kedangaran… i ran to his class… he was grabbing his fingers really tight.. dlm ati ku abak2 sudah ni.. putus jari kah.. belengkok kah jarinya…. what am i gonna do?? kali liat, jarinya tekapit in between his desks.. kuat teriak and nangisnya….. then i rushed him to the staffroom, looked for ice but nada so just cuci his hands with air pipe saja.. since the water pipe was cold jua so it did help jua… lapas cuci baru ia beranti menangis…. aduh….. and BANYAK lagi lah kejadian2 aneh..aseh!ahaha can’t really deny the facts that, di sekulah ani if inda beulah inda SAH murid2nya..ahaha

Oklah, till here~ gtg now.. Assalamualaikum!

Love, Mumui M.


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