Salam hello hi…… I have been away from this blog since Thursday.. been spending my time at RIPAS to take care of my granny.. I haven’t got enough time to really really prepare myself for TP tomorrow (oh! its later) ..  i don’t even have the time to have enough rest.. but there is nothing to complain about.. the ups and downs of life, have to face it with bold heart.. apa2pun yang dilakukan akan ku cuba buat dengan nawaitu yang ikhlas dalam apa situasi, tempat, masa dan keadaan sekalipun. i will insyaAllah start teaching the year 4 mathematics today.. wish me luck k? I also need your prayers for my grandma’s operation this coming tuesday, insyaAllah if nada halangan.. doa2kan k..

For TP my supervisor is Dr. Terry Sullivan.. went to see him last week and I feel relieved for whatever Allah has planned for me. Mr. Terry is a very nice person, friendly and helpful. Hope that continue till the end of the battle. Amin3…  As some of you may have known, since ive already mention this in my previous post, im posted to my own kampung punya school. TP will start in less than 7 hours from now but I havent gone to bed yet.. im nervous I guess.. i dunno what to expect…. aku ni lagi if benda, situasi and orang yang ku inda biasa, diam seribu bahasa and inda tau apa kan di buat..huhu i gotta force myself to be more alert this time~ actually i dunno what more to say for now, just hope that everything will go well later… amin3….. please pray for me..

oya, i will be teaching mathematics year 4 & bahasa melayu tahun 1~

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.  ~Author Unknown

Much Love, Mumui M.


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  1. Your blog is very colourful, it makes me happy.. hehe..lawa wah mui (imagine usulku time ani mcm if ku ke bilik hostel mu sakai2)

    • ika~~ahaha ertinya stress th ku tu ka if tukr2 design blog ku..ahahah tapi ni ku paling suka laaa… meriah..kekek aiiii rindu ku tu kaaa time tani di hostel2 dulu.. lepak2 rh bilik mu… ingat ku tani pernah ketawa bahak2 psl penyanyi AKON..ahahah apa ceritanya dulu tu ka aaa ingat kau?aha

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