My source of happiness


Salam Hello Hi…….

its already wednesday of the final week of my holiday meaning to say, TP is just around the corner.. 4 more days to go.. this month has been really really shocking maybe not just to me but i also know some who are going through hard times now….. Be strong kamu~~ i hope you guys know that I am always here for you loads..  Love always!

As i was saying, I’m facing lots of shocking news lately ani.. happy sad unbelievable news.. you name it… but as far as the hardship goes ( in going through it), it wasn’t as bad as i think it is… Maybe im just not strong enough to handle everything at first but alhamdullilah~ So far im doing okay…. let me quote a phrase from my very bestfriend, melissa, that I love so much 🙂 ” I am so very thankful for the exclusive gift God can gift to a woman..her laughters and her tears. Surrendered during happy moments and surrendered even more during rougher times. “

During my ups and downs Im so thankful to have people around me…. thank you everyone…. Last night i receive an email from my close and very nice friend… She made something for me and one of the things that she mention is that, some people have ugly faces but they can still smile and laugh, they are happy and she gave me pictures of their faces….. i almost cried..  then she said, you are not ugly, you are not awful, you are not happy, too bad… and she posted pictures of me with my imperfect smile (ahaha), big laughter (LOL) and a nicer picture of me smiling… sweet~~~ thank you so much my friend for the effort in making one for me~~ heart you! :’)

Good luckssssssssss to these two important people who I love so much and mean so much to me, my sister and my beloved bestfriend…. I’ll stand by you girls not just in bad times but in your GOOD and HAPPY times as well 😉 Lets go through it together 🙂

PS: Sorry for being so emo lately ani…huhuh

Love, Mumui M.


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