I’m officially missing you


Assalamualaikum.. Hello and Hi~ so its true lah ah when people say appreciate everything and everyone while they are still there…. cos now when its gone, I feel something BIG missing in my life..huhu Uni will reopen its wings tomorrow and all UBD-ians except those who have their TPs/TAs (including me) will definitely (or 80% definite) miss the moments of packing stuffs into the school bag, printing last minute timetable, going to classes, meeting friends and lecturers, having lunch with friends…. dulu everytime kan tukar borang will be very busy looking for lecturers and courses to fill in the forms…. walaupun ngalih but that moments are those I really miss right now..

For those of you who doesn’t know me, in Uni I have 3 close friends with me…. and i tell you we are kinda ‘loud & crazy’ ahahah jenis inda ingat dunia bah… but the thing is kami inda kacau orang or menjahati orang (maybe just annoyed some..aha) but I  really miss that moments with them….  Uni life is one of the best moments in my life!

I WAS also a hostelite.. Im 50% sure during this time I’ll in my hostel room unpacking my stuffs, cleaning my room, designing my room….. if inda pun, tadi patang sudah angkat brg and sok pagi balik hostel…. now that the restaurant is super cool, grenti ku rajin tinggal hostel….. oh I will miss being pampered by my cupons…. oh my!!! I feel so blessed! makan  minum free… kadang2 balik rumah bawa balik cases of softdrinks.. keropok.. Siuuuk eh..

Tambah2 lagi ada consumer fair at ICC, selalunya before balik to Uni mesti singgah dulu tu ke ICC with my family.. kira a trip before balik hostel and Uni start…. but now? nothing to look forward to tomorrow…hahah but is looking forward for my TP which is just around the corner…. 17th Jan, Monday.. App. 1 week from now..huhu

I gotta go now….. wanna join the family the luar waiting for AJL~ mcm biasa I’ll be voting for Shahir & Faizal Tahir~hehehe if ku rajin karang th ku post pictures….

Love, Mumui M.


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  1. we are kinda ‘loud & crazy’ ahahah jenis inda ingat dunia bah… but the thing is kami inda kacau orang or menjahati orang <— hahah woo last part atu yg mahal tu nah hahah

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