Good bye?


Salam.. Hello and Hi~~~  🙂 Oh gosh! its 3 in the morning… i woke up from sleep and couldnt get my eyes back to sleep. nyamal tia nah! huhu I realised i forgot to switch off my lappy (still melalak dgn lagu2 baru download..buleh??aha) and the bedroom’s light was still ON! wifi pun~ aduh! i ever pernah slept in front of my lappy masa dulu I think after reading e-book kali tu..ahaha inda sadar2 ani bah…… hmmmm… why did i wanna blog in the first place ah?hmmmm… i have so many many things in my head plg but how to put them in words??? The day was wonderful….. spent almost half the day with sis.. i really don’t wanna cry at 3 in the morning but I’ll try not to…. the day was great~ went to ICC, Soonlee lambak with sis.. yep just that two places took us half the day!ahaha spent almost 4hours at ICC.. lucky us got parking near the building.. crazy crazy moment with my sis~ hehehe we were like in our own world… laughing talking shop till we drop.. I’m soooo gonna miss this moment… and this year, im absolutely certain that there is a very huge part of my life thats gonna change…. end of this month will be one of the mini day of the big day…. i better get my emotions guarded by now… huhuhu even dalam kereta tadi pun sudah ku emo..huhu I’m so really not good in good-byes and changes…. im not good in accepting and coping with it.. but sooner or later I believe I can….. even during the end of my 5 years relationship dulu it almost took me like a year to finally settle down my emotions and everything.. now even without him I feel life is just amazing the way it is… the good thing about this life is, everything that end in my life always end up in good terms.. me and my ex-boyfriend is still friends until now… I don’t grow grudge.. In fact every night I forgive people before going to sleep.. that way, I believe I can live a more happier life 🙂 but thats not the point here… I hope, when the day finally came, I will not feel so down about it… i hope i’ll not cry about it…..I hope i can let go of her easily :’) I better get ready…… mesti mesti…huhu

Till here, good night everybody~

PS: I’m back in twitter but still don’t have the urge to use it…heheh sorry for the tweets that I haven’t replied YET.. sorry~ the new version and the over capacity ‘hunt’ me… I created new plurk account for my sparkle sweet treat blog  though 🙂 Thank you for the understanding~ I better get back to bed now, busy day later! Adios!

Love, Mumui M.


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