Sparkle sweet treats


Salam!! πŸ™‚ Hello Hi……. As far as the new year 2011 goes, today has been a really happy happy goodie goodie day for me.hehe Receive a text msg from Eyan about our overall result. I burst into tears and I was jumping around like a lil kid getting her candy… Mum burst into tears too.. and dad went puzzled….ahaha awuu dad’s always the emotion-less type but it doesn’t mean he’s not feeling it..hehehe the only time i see my dad with emotion (emotion here means specifically bursting into tears) is when my uncle (dad’s older brother) kana stroke.. Dad cried when he helped the male nurses carried my uncle from the hospital bed to the the katil sorong untuk bawa ke ambulance. Dad burst into tears and we seeing that scene betambah2 lah sedih… i cried my hearts out time tu… ok forget about that.. Β I really3 inda expect to get a B+, i tot it would be a B or even a C cos my core subject was C. Ya Allah syukur banyak2.. Alhamdulillah~ TP lagi…….huhuhu NERVOUS!

What brought me here ah banarnya??????? oh ya! my recipe blog!ahaha I am a fond collector of recipes.. recipes that I got from various sources.. selalunya I print and collect in my file.. but today I decided to make a special blog as one of my recipes collection~hehe Its called Sparkle Sweet Treats πŸ™‚ Do drop by if you have time πŸ™‚

Click image to go to the website πŸ™‚


Till here, take care everybody!

Love, Mumui M.


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