Dear Mel…


So here goes… hehe she’s one of the loveliest and nicest person I have ever met in my life. Though we have different beliefs and other differences but that differences never made our friendship fall apart instead we grew stronger from time to time and are still very closely bond together until now.. She is a friend who you can turn to when in need and she always know the right things to say at the right time and she always make me feel at ease after talking to her… I know that I can always count on her in anything.. She’s one of my life’s precious gift and here, I would like to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY (though belated sehari..hehe) and I wish that all her wish will be fulfilled… Stay happy, Stay pretty and stay the way you are cos you are just wonderful 🙂 Thank you Mel, for being such a great friend for.. hmmm.. countless years lah aa..heheh In later stages of our life, I wish this friendship will never end 🙂 You’re amazing just the way you are~HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL~!

You remember her mel? Shayna from Speak Up… Our favourite talk show dulu….. i soo miss that show.. the sister Sarah kan…… siiiuuuk dulu…

Need to tell who they are?ahahah M2M our favourites jua dulu ni mel aaa… Mirror mirror hanging on the wall..ahaha

Such wonderful memories~ Have a wonderful life my friend~

Love, Mumui M. aka Nurul 🙂



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