Salam.. Hello.. Hi… 🙂

The most anticipated day has arrived today…… Congratulations to my friends, 18+7 for your awesome results! Teaching practice is yet to come….. Let us strive for a much better success this time… and reach for our dreams~ Mine was better than i expected despite the rough semester it was surprisingly well off 🙂 i think now im still in a total shock… ntah ah… makan pun aku inda beliur.. have plans to McD but in the end i didnt have the urge to go…. i think im more to being alert towards the upcoming TP.. now the result has been revealed the next step is to go for TP and settle down the UK stuffs. I’m worried… and I sometimes have trouble in coping up with changes.. now everything seems okay but when the day has come, I think I will have the difficulties in adapting myself with the new changes.. not attending lectures anymore, not a hostelite anymore, no more morning drive to UBD, no more listening to lectures, no more meeting, chatting and laughing with my close friends…… it seems that in a blink of an eye every wonderful things in my life is ending soon…. I dunno how my future will be… will it be better and fun or otherwise? I pray that everything will be alright.. amin2…

Oya… last weekend I had a family trip to Miri with my family.. It was super fun! Went shopping to kadai lama (which was surpisingly enjoyable..hehe) ada this shop at kadai lama where it sells barang2 dapur lah mostlynya aaa.. mcm bisin, bakul2, etc…. and it was super cheap! Most of stuffs was like RM1, RM2…murah berabis… tapi quenya jgn cakap lah panjang..hehe but I took the opportunity to borong stuffs for my TP since it was cheap… then to imperial to makan2 and shop… the food court was soooo packed with people… nasib dapat meja… then to parkson.. shopping2 and played BOWLING! hehe played bowling with the whole family.. surprisingly my mum & dad was really good in it! ceh alah bah anaknya ani…. boooooring!hehe i just knew that back then in SG they were quite active in playing bowling… my ngangah, me and the lil brothers were the amateur players.. malar bah masuk longkang..ahaha the two brothers lagi malas ku cakap lah….ahaha kes jeles…. i really enjoyed my time.. teriak2 mcm urang inda ingat dunia.. then inda sah kalau inda singgah e-mart… then headed back home..hehehe Great day indeed!

How was your day today?Hope it went well 🙂 Got this from Twitter and posted it in my FB.. now let me share it with you guys too~ i love it! All of us have our different stories to tell and there is actually no right or wrong in telling to the world how good or how bad it is…. it is all part of sharing and not to be judged 🙂 Cos life is short….. live life to the fullest!

We all have a story to tell, where we come from, where we are and where we intend to go. So let’s live our story to the fullest! 🙂 ♥

Love, Mumui M.


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  1. Salam, hi ka mumui=) I miss u & family! I miss reading your blog jua..hehe..baruth tbaca ne =P hehe.. Congrats for the great result ka mumui, Alhamdulillah. Mudahan maju jaya sntiasa dtahun baru ne & all the best for TP =) I know ka Mumui will be a great dedicated teacher 🙂

    hehe..Jeles Ayu dgr, seems like fun diMiri aa.. Insya-Allah nanti da rezeki mau join keMiri lagi sma ka Mumui& family..hehe.. Take care always ka Mumui and have a happy&blessful new year, hehe..(cancel sha pa ayu ckp in the note =P )

    love always,

    • Ayu~~~~~ thank you very much for coming here..heheh thanks ayu.. alhamdulillah jua result kaka..hehe happy jualah… p inda tau lagi overall kaka apa.. huhu Amin2 ayu~Kaka start TP 17hb ni yu.. di Danau..heheh lau resya skulah danau sampat jua ngajar ia..hehehe cute~ lama sdh ia inda ke mari.. sekulah sdh ia yu?
      Awu ari atu ke miri… bah2 nanti lagi tani miri sama2 yu aaa.. men bowling tani and liat wyg kah di sana..heheh How are you doing di sana Ayu? Siuk sana? 🙂 Siuk kaka liat gambar2 ayu di sana… and kaka luv your love shape ear muff and the hot pink lip bag~hehhe cute banget~
      Take care to u too dear ayu~ enjoy ur time di sana aaa… have an enjoyable and successful year to you too yu.. good health and much wealth.. amin!

      Miss & Love always,
      Ka Mumui

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