Good bye 2010~


It’s 1+ in the morning.. and its 31st of december!!! I almost can’t believe my eyes… time fly really fast in december aaa… can’t believe that teachers and students will start schooling this coming monday.. i really thought school will start by next next week.. oh well, before we talk about my new year’s resolutions, let us look back at this year’s resolutions first.. are they achieved? are you happy about it? what are you going to do about it? As for me, my major resolutions every year is basically those related to the ‘healthiness’ of my well-being; to be a better person not just to myself but to Allah the al-mighty and everyone around me.. I have always been someone really discreet and sometimes can be really ignorant and unconsciously selfish. This year I have learnt many valuable lessons.. Few of them are the power of being patience.. the power of silence.. patience and silence really help me alot in going through my life (the way i wanted it to be). I can say that I have changed alot this year.. though not visible, but at heart, there is something about me that have change..  Tears arent my bestfriend anymore.. Im happy with my life.. One day, I wish i can share this happiness with someone 🙂 and of course, I wanna share my happiness with you all too 🙂 heeee…

I have been watching this korean drama entitled, Mischievous kiss.. this cute girl, Oh Han ni, said that her grandma used to tell her that ‘be happy in life and  make others happy too and we can be happy’ so yea, that’s one of my new year’s resolutions, To be happy and to make people around me happy 🙂

To be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle and to do well in my TP… those are some of my resolutions for next year (tomorrow!)


2010, thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have brought into my life.. you have brought so much sunshine in my life… Thank You Allah for segalanya.. Syukur Ya Allah~ Some of the memories that I have gone through (and will never forget) in 2010…

1. Going snorkeling at Kuraman Island with Dr. Norhani and 18+7~ greatest experience ever!

2. My surpirse birthday celebrations by my family, my coursemates, by my greatest close friends and other very special people in my life… Thank you very much for colouring my life with the love you shared with me :)))

3. Saying good bye to hostel, Uni life and EMDH 😦

4. Going to the Palace for the first time in my life during hari raya with the family 🙂

5. Sky watching at UBD 🙂

and LOTSSSS More…… (im too sleepy to think and typed..aha)

I think this is all for now… sleepy sudah..heheh Good night!


PS: What are your new year’s resolutions?


Love, Mumui M.


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