A day out with the lil brother


Salam~ Hello Hi~ I wanna make this post as short as possible cos my body is already aching now… im feeling a lil tired today… but hey, the day was really great! despite the ‘hujan ribut’ everyone is talking about, my day was suprisingly not that crowded (bertamu alak2 nya urang…aha) with people… was so glad to choose to go to Seria today.. so yeay!heheh went to seria to bring the lil brother to OGDC.. but drop by the BIBD ATM Seria first to take out the kaching kaching!heheh kami pun hujan jua kali aaa… hujan barai2 saja…ahahaha! time beque at the ATM inda jua ramai sangat lah.. around 7 people in front of me.. around 15 minutes que.. time beque ni ada cerita sedih…huhuh saw this old couple (around 80s kali) waiting for their children (kali lah) to pick them up… the husband ani inda berapa sihat bah.. ia pkai yang tongkat basi tu.. time bejalan tangan and kakinya shaking.. inda berapa stable lah.. nasib ada bininya.. bininya pimpin lakinya and they were waiting arah dakat ATM atu.. so from where i was standing i can see them… masa ku liat tu sedih ku… i was imagining, ‘what if my parents sudah tua cemani? nada anak untuk menolong drg?’ time muda ni.. when there arent that much commitments to handle, grenti mulut dan hati cakap ‘aku akan jaga parents ku sampai bila2’ tapi nanti2 we can’t really make sure… cos bila2 masa saja kitani semua buleh berubah.. tapikan.. i always pray that sampai bila2pun i want to take care of my parents… no matter how hard, how busy i am… if they can take care of me when i was little, why can’t i? if it means i have to sacrifice, i will…

Ok, coming back to kisah orang tua tadi… masa anaknya datang to pick them up, anaknya inda dapat parking really close to them.. so the wife have to pimpin the husband lagi ke kereta… i without hesitation, told akim to wait for the que and ran to them to help the old guy masuk kereta… buka pintu kereta.. during that time, nada apa2 lagi dalam otak ku, just ‘i want to help this man masuk safely in the car’… then ada this young ย guy probably mcm my age.. came to give a hand jua.. maybe becos he know that its kind of awkward for me to hold the old man tightly into the car… plus ia andang baik kali..hehe so he took the role instead and hug the man from behind and masukkan dalam kereta.. while aku tolong buka pintu kereta and tolong the wife jua to get into the car… alhamdullilah~ they get into the car safely ๐Ÿ™‚ say good bye to them and to the guy (God bless you!) and continue my que for the ATM ๐Ÿ™‚ what a great way to end the year, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

After ATM, went to ideal for our lunch… then OGDC… hehehe let the pictures do the talking ya? enjoy~

Sampai rumah main badminton lagi…… thats why my body is aching now…ehehe bah bye2~


PS: A big shout out to my cousin, Hj. Zikri!!!Hi G!! Thank you for coming here~ ahaha G… taisliur ku kan liat wayang~AHAHA!


Love, Mumui M.


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  1. Mui, that is admirable! ๐Ÿ™‚ thank gdness u were there and the guy too. I can picture everything when i read your post… kesian… Seronok jua ogdc… hehe. on saturday lah ku bawa durg… maybe with my mom jua. haha seronok! btw, c hakim makin kurus… hitting growth spurt x sudah. haha

    • bah bawa jgn tak bawa.. if inda slh ku every monday tutup and public holiday..hehe c akim kurus? kambang idungnya ni mun ia membaca..ahaha

  2. aww so sweeet~!. eh siok jua OGDC atu ah aku nda pernah masuk bh caya ko hehe.. di luar atu or ke Ideal pernah lah

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