Happy weekend!


Salam… hello hi 🙂 happy weekend to all of you… sungguh active ku beblog this month aaa.. oh well, like my friend said, ‘do what we love to do while we still can’ ahaha true indeed~ our weekend is kinda hectic now.. now that we are busy arranging this and that.. enough said..

Yesterday me and my family went to visit the grandparents at kampung 🙂 i soo miss that place 🙂 love it there.. so peaceful and it feels like being in other part of the world.keke before going to nini’s singgah to kadai and stuff cos air tuhur.. while jalan2 met someone on the road with his hons! ;D ahahah! caliiiii…ahaha

Around noon went to nini’s and found out that my gandmother isn’t feeling well cos the day before that she fell on the stairs..huhuhu sooo sad knowing that, that i almost wanted to cry hugging my grandma.. huhuhu 😦 we wanted to bring her to the hospital but being the oldies its typical for them to be reluctant to go there.. we’ll be going back to kampung later.. if she’s still sick then we might have to force nini to go to the hospital.. i bet karang nini excen2 sihat ni..hehe hope nini will be well soon 😦

My teaching period in school isnt starting yet but im already thinking of what other jobs that i can apply to after i graduated nanti..aha im just afraid im not born to do it… we’ll see lah nanti aaa.. i wanna have a job that i enjoy doing.. im not sure if teaching is one of them but people said, ‘alum cuba alum tau’ some people are born to be a teacher.. my uncle for instance, even after his pension he still talks about how wonderful and great it is to be a teacher.. he’s one of the people who inspired me to accept UBD’s offer back then in 2006 🙂 i never regretted that decision and i hope selama2nya pun i won’t even have the slightest regret 🙂 amin3…

I bet result’s gonna come out soon :S noooooooo!!! huhuhu supplement result alum keluar lagi…. lagitah kabak2 eh..huhuhu im really2 not sure how well i did the other semester.. :S OK, im worried now..huhuh

K, wanna join the family di luar now..tata!

Love, Mumui M.


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  1. happy weekend too…..

    thank you for linkied my blog….

    salam kenal dari Indonesia…. salam kenal dari choirul huda

    I’m sorry cozmy english is bad

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