Salam…… hello hi~ im here just to drop by sekajap to pour out my amazement of how beautiful the day is today 🙂 syukran ya Allah… can i wish for snow? ahah inda besyukur..

life isnt that hectic now.. kind of very peaceful i could say… i’ve been really settling myself with some stuffs that… hmmm… how to put it in words aaa… that need to be ‘decluttered’? things like some of my negative attributes, past mistakes, kelalaian ku and lots more.. for the sake of wanting to make a new start in my life.. im trying to ‘declutter’ my life.. want a fresh start… want to go through the whole year without even a slight of regrets… reduce sorrows  (can’t really abolish it can I? i wish)… im making a slow progress in updating my life… wanna make a slight change… don’t get me wrong there.. no plans have been made to change my single life status..ahaha im letting it be just that.. still don’t wanna change it tho.. not in this near future that is.. nanti inda tau lah aa.. can’t really say ‘no’, we just dunno when, where and with whom  if Allah says Kunfayakun.. insyaAllah…

Will be going back to the grandparents tomorrow with the family… the actual plan was today but the plan has been change to tomorrow.. i bet the city will be packed with people since its christmas and holidays… ohwell, i miss my grandparents tho… 🙂

Do take care everyone.. good bye for now..

Love, Mumui M.


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  1. I still remember that time mui.. but guess what, you made it this far girl! I have always known you as a really strong person.. never seen a drop of tears from your face. so don’t worry too much about it. you know where to look for me whenever you need someone and i am always here for you too (“,) cheers again friend!

    • AMAL!!!!!! yes mal how can i forget that night….. i was totally down and you were there to comfort me.. all the words you said to me really make sense.. thank you mal for all the help you have given me.. im lucky to know that in my down moments im never lack of people to turn to.. thank you mal~ *hugs* :’)

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