PS, I Love You


Salam.. Hello Hi…. 8 more days for the new year… Happy advance new year to all of you πŸ™‚ 2010 is ending soon.. i haven’t set any new years resolutions yet… don’t wanna talk about this just yet.. maybe on my next post.. i’ll talk about my 2010 resolutions and the new ones..

Basically, im a really stay-at-home type of person… i have this very very strong bond with home, my room, my family.. but don’t get me wrong, im not an anti-social person either πŸ™‚ *peace* they say, there is no place like home.. home sweet home..i 100% agree with that πŸ™‚ hehe i dunno why im talking about this..aha

What i actually wanted to say is that, when we grow up and live with people like our family.. we actually kind of not realising that we are all actually growing… growing in a really fast phase that is.. i have always refer to my youngest brother as my lil brother here and other sites as well… in fact, he’s not ‘little’ anymore.. i know the fact that he is now 10 years old and his body is getting bigger (heheh) but the thing is, i didnt realise his needs towards his side.. i have always treated him the way i always do ever since he was little until now.. u know things like, cooking for him, tucking him in bed, kissing him good night, holding his hands when crossing the road, playing games with him, hugging him anytime i want… i still treat him as my baby brother but in fact, he is getting ‘older’ now that i didnt even realised it until yesterday… yesterday, i went shopping with the family to BSB.. to make the story short, the lil brother (see.. i still use that phrase..hehe) bought some t-shirts and jeans so i told him to fit them in the fitting room first.. dulu its either me or mum will accompany him in the fitting room.. to undress him and try on the new clothes.. but yesterday, when mum was about to accompany him into the fitting room, he said ‘aku sorang saja maa’ and i was kinda shock.. shock not because he said that, but shocked because it feels like a slap on the face ‘dont you realised he’s old enough to do it on his own?’ all this time i always see him so small.. i know he is able to do those things but i don’t want him to do it on his own.. then we went to giant and again he told us, ‘aku jalan dulu aaa’ and i was pancking instantly.. ‘ah kau sorang??’ what the…. why am i acting so silly…… im like this overprotective sister bah… mum was abit relax than me….ahaha and in the end he round2 giant on his own…. and i was very the dup dap dup dap..ahaha over kan… my point is that, from time to time people will change without us realising it…. therefore, we must be very ready to accept the change and to blend in the change as well…

in my mind, he is still this little boy… but in fact,

he is all grown up now….. :’)


Whatever it is, he is still my baby brother in heart :’) few years from now, i’ll be telling you guys about him having a girlfriend, getting a driving licence, getting to uni, starting his working life…. i must get use to that from now on :’)

Okaylah, i gtg now… just finished spring cleaning my room… wanna have some rest and watch TV..


Love, Mumui M.


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  1. sedih jua mui… it’s okay mui.. sooner or later you will get used to it.. cheer up lovely (“,)

  2. Haha… so cute si hakim. haha. yeah i totally agree with you. Some people, for instant my father is completely oblivious towards change… haha he still treats me like im a 12 years old, which sometimes gets on my nerve. haha

    • ahah different people has different ways of showing their love… ur dad may think that he’s showing it the right way (to him that is) he’s showing u his love to u tu tan~ πŸ™‚ most guys arent passionate in showing their jua love kan *random fact* ahaha ;D

      • true that mui… although i know this is bad, i think its really awkward for me to say ‘i love you’ to anyone… family’s included… yatah… haha I think i learned that from my dad. whenever, ya say something caring, i feel that its awkward and i can sense he feels the same. yatah although we dont openly express our love, its understandably that we do… haha

      • ‘actions speaks louder than words’.. i always believe that even if we don’t say that i love you word, but if our actions say its so, what more do we need? although sometimes we need to hear it out just to feel more dramatic and truthful saja bah tu..ahah but to me, it doesnt matter.. if niat baik, apa2pun akan baik πŸ˜‰

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