If i were a TV Show actress..


Hello Hi~~~ here goes the list again… me, as a tv series lover, sometimes imagine myself in the scene itself..ahahah here are some characters in my favourite tv shows that i always wanted to be in..ahahah imagine only maaa..heheh

Christina Applegate as Samantha in Samantha Who? this has always been my all-time favourite tv series…. the reason why is cos jalan ceritanya siuukk… and it was also created by my favourite author, cecelia ahern.. 🙂

the ever gorgeous, cobie smulders as Robin Scherbatsky in how i met your mother.. she’s pretty but inda tunjuk2 lawa… bajunya lawa2… and she’s really funny.. most importantly she dated Ted Mosby in the series and also outside the studio..ahaha how lucky? ;D

Caleigh Ducane in CSI Miami… she’s a pretty face, soft-spoken woman with brain, attitude and lotsa skills.. adore her.. and she dated the hot hot Eric Delko..ahah i always wanted to be in the CSI.. mcm siuuk bah keraja drg tu kan…


Brooke Elliott as Jane….. she’s confident and she’s a great lawyer… paling paling cool is the firm she works in… siuuuuukk… kitchennya lawa and makanannya nyaman2 selalunya..ahaha officenya lawa…. and she has a really nice and cool bestfriend 🙂

its a sin if i didnt put her in the list cos I loooooove her so much in Ugly betty series… Betty Suarez… if u watch the series and if you know me, you will most probably understand why i love her soooo much 🙂 she’s optimistic, she believes in herself, she’s this very talented person but always have  not much opportunities to show her true talents, she’s independent, she doesnt care about what other people thinks of her, she always try to improve herself, she is always nice to everybody….. etc etc….hehehe Mode (the place where she works, fashion company) issss soooooooo extremely lawa…

My all-time favourite, Meredith Grey in Grey’s anatomy…. 🙂 need to explain more??heheh she married mcDreamy (who is my mcDreamy too..ahaah), her bestfriend is yeng (who i love..), she’s great with everybody and a great surgeon too.. 🙂


So there it is… my ‘IF I WERE TV SHOW ACTRESSES WHO WOULD THEY BE?’ list 😉


The other day, i was google-mapping…. will post the pictures soon 🙂 the places where i live and love when i was in singapore 🙂 Really bring back the memories of the past ❤

Till then……

Love, Mumui M.


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