its all about FOOD


Hello hello hi~ 🙂 its nearly 1 in the morning… im still not sleepy yet….. might continue watching the big bang theory tv series later…heheh calllliii ceritanya… something i’d watch for saja2…. very the chill2 one..heheh smart and funny 🙂 thumbs up! this may sound random, but im a big fan of hati buyah… hmmmm… apa omputihnya tu aa…ahahah pancreas?hahah ntah la dong… the story is that tho im a big fan of hati buyah, as we know its not easy to get one… my parents have this meat vendor from bandar.. everytime kami kan order grenti awal sdh lasap… if kan booking pun have to wait lagi…. the other day, my brother bawa me, my lil brother and mum to have our lunch at tanda kasih restaurant.. i was really craving for the so called hati buyah ani.. di sana ada which my mum selalu order.. mcm urang lahap rasaku..ahaha my mum suka the soto hati buyah.. but i just order the soup hati buyah.. just the soup and hati buyah lah tu aaa..duuuhh..aaha nyums2…. if you happen to be craving it so much sila2 laaa dtg yeee…heheh

nyum nyum nyum

this is the ‘Eiffel tower’ ABC..hehehe OK, i just made up a name of their ABC.. i might get a commission if they happen to use that name..ahaah its really tall.. sakai ku…

And the other day the lil brother was craving for carbonara… so i made one… Mushroom chicken carbonara 🙂

this is all for now…. ahaha dasar pasal makanan lagi ganya tu……wawawa bah, gd nytesss~ kan liat TBBT ku…..

OYA…. tadi i happen to go to majlis tahlil at my kampung.. but the house is kinda ujung2 tanjung dakat sungai.. and the babu2 at the table ani lagi cerita pasal buaya.. that they had seen few crocs (not the kasut ok.. this is the serious one!aha) timbul arah sungai atu.. at that time i happen to be seating near to the sungai but membelakangi.. i waassssss diam2 freaking out dalam hati… my mind was bombastically imaging stuffs… terrifying.. having to seat there and having no clue whether the crocs will show up or not.. ada jualah org tukang suluh but stillll….. that didnt help me to calm down either.. luckily i was with my mother.. at least i wasnt alone… selamat the crocs didnt show up.. maybe sudah kana buat crocs?? aahaha lame…


Love, Mumui M.




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  1. eh tinggi jua ABC atu mui? if aku nda ku terabis tu eh hahah numb kali bibir ku..berapa ringgit tah tu tinggi catu ah?

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