Holiday bliss


Hi Hi Hi again… heheh im officially broke…. but thank goodness its the holiday.. paid the hostel rents this month so $$$ was a bit restricted…. not a biggy biggy cos holiday is just great to spend it at home… the holiday isnt tht long bah… 1 or so month.. tick tock tick tock TP tia.. might as well enjoy the relaxness..ahah but will be busy with the UK stuffs too.. so its kinda great jua.. busy relax busy relax..ahah but will be REALLY busy whenever the semester starts.. banar.. for 5 or so years mcm atu th tu.. busy memanjang with assignments and all.. but me and my friends always have the time to chillax.. i kinda miss them.. huhuh i dunno how i’ll cope with the busyness and the stressness nanti… lau in uni.. ada lagi dgn kawan dgn ketawa tebahak2… dgn membuang stress.. ohmy~ im really isnt sure what’s going to happen in the future… my aunty said ada 2 orang TP students posted to the school im posted in, SR Danau that is.. hmmmmmm… thats a bit of a relief 😉 i wonder who…. bah kan liat ceta hindustan ku…..  oooooo life’s such a blessing~ahaha


pls no!!!

pls no!!!

pls yes!!!

pls yes!!!

PPS: oya…. my friend, ika recommended this HK movie in her blog the other day.. L for Love, L for Lies.. watched it at youtube.. really bring back my HK movies/dramas memories yang dulu..  before jajahan dari KOREA.ahah tip top dulu aaa HK movies or drama.. but now we’re more to KOREAN movies or drama sdh…. siiiuukk dulu HK drama especially yang jenis police2.. im sure you guys are familiar with these handsome faces… ;D


Aaron kwok….. wuuuu wuuu..ahaha

Louis Khoo…. wuuuu wuuuuu wuuuu..ahahah apakan wuuu wuu ani..

ani jgn jua kamu lupa…….ahahaha


bah sadang……

Love, Mumui M.


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  1. Hahah gambar yg last atu yg paling mahal tu muii… ish handsome jua aaron kwok dlm gambar atu ah.. hehe

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