The terminal


Hello Hi~ hmmmm… its 16th december… a month from now i will definitely be bery bery bery the nervouuuss cos the next day, i’ll officially be teaching in school for my teaching practice~ ohmy~~ teacher nurul teacher nurul.. cher cher..heheh goosebumps eyy….we will be going to start our teaching practice on the 17th January 2011~ time will sure fly sooooo fast without us realising it… i have been once a student in that school, an audience for my brother’s school ceremony, a researcher for my assignments… but never ever crossed in my mind that im gonna really teach in that school… and i think Im the only teaching practice students placed there.. maybe laaa… im soooooo nervous about it.. i do know few of the teachers tho….. hope can get along with them πŸ™‚ i just hope to enjoy my time there and contribute as much as I can for the school πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely try my very the top best..

Last night I spent my night watching this awesome movie…. THE TERMINAL.. some of you may have watched this movie.. ive been looking around for this dvd for some time now and finally found one at C.H. Batu bersurat the other day with eyan and dyane after supporting Mena for her Netball tourney πŸ™‚ Steven Spielberg was the director… im very much impressed… callliiii berabis….. i really laughed my hearts out~~ a really3 smart movie I must say.. and lawak2nya pun very smart.. not the capi2 type….. hehe tom hanks is the best.. he’s definitely one of my favourite actor.. my favourite movies from him are forrest gump, cast away and now the terminal. Its a story of viktor (tom hanks) who’s from Karkohzia (sp) who wanted to fulfilled his father’s dream and wanted to go to NYC.. unfortunately when he wanted to embark to NYC his visa and passport are suspended because his country is going through a war.. hancur musnah negerinya which literally means he has NO COUNTRY.. Basically speaking, he’s a citizen of nowhere… how scary is that? so the immigration officers couldnt let him out anywhere so told him to wait at the terminal… and so for about 9 months he literally, LIVES at the airport…. can you imagine that?? no money no bedroom… but he’s a really smart guy…. you should watch the movie to find out.. interesting berabis….. and caliiiiii~~hehehe


My rating: 9.5 / 10 (i may be very generous in my ratings but hey, its not really difficult to impress me if its really that good ;D)

ahahaha that indian guy issssss soooooo funnyy!!! this part i LOL berabis..hahaha

I’m not really a big fan of director/producer.. kadang2 the movie i watched i didnt even care who the director is… but last night when i IMDB steven speilberg most of the movies that i love were actually directed by him…

Man in black, transformers, eagle eye, the mask of zorro, the terminal, jurassic park, sherk, the haunting, pinky and the brain, TWISTER! (I love this movie!), casper (casper!!), back to the future (my fav!), gremlins 1, 2 (i love the gremlins!!)


ok, byeeeeeee! thanks for the stay!

PS: WORDPRESS IS SNOWING!!!!!! Cool isnt it??hehehe if you notice ada tu mcm snow gugur if you look from the top of this blog…. πŸ™‚

Love, Mumui M.


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