My bz hols


Hi…. hows your holidays doing?heheh mine’s doing great…. still busy… busy di sini means busy bejalan2..ahaha even bejalan ke tutong town pun aku ikut…. since I haven’t been going out that often during the last semester.. banar seriously last semester aku paling jarang bejalan like i used to.. liat wayang pun very kurang..huhu so i think iatah masanya ku membalas ni..ahaha lagipun urang rumah rajin th jua bejalan2 time cuti ani…. so apa lagi join sekaki..ahaha so yea, yesterday jalan to BSB with the family.. went to yayasan.. met my bungsu around there..hehehe i didnt met him plg but the brothers did.. iskines..hheheh jalan2 at yayasan and went to the 3rd floor at the sports center… targeted some long sport pants, baju and sports bag that im sooo gonna buy with the book allowance nanti end of january..ahaha batah lagi.. we ate at nyonya restaurant and i ordered butter prawn… nyumsss! mum’s nasi lemak with beef rendang was not bad either..

and i was very very excited jua to get to buy my current favourite chocolate…. RITTER SPORT.. So far yang aku sudah rasa is chocolate with cornflakes and chocolate with biscuits.. nyummy berabis! the packaging is kinda small for its price.. but to me its really worth it! arah winmark mall pun ada.. sana more cheaper than other places.. at winmark it cos $2.80.. at huaho $3.20..aseh!heheh promo.. bah cuba jgn tak cuba~ if you happen to buy some do buy some for me too..ahaha

These are the ones that I already tasted…… nyaman!!!!

There are wide ranges of them… i wanna try them all~

oh btw….. our TP supervisor list was out yesterday… 🙂 insyaAllah~ aal iz well!

Bah ok….. gtg kan jalan lagi~ tata!

PS: need to sort everything out after this! chaiiiiiyooo!


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  1. never tried Ritter before..after reading this post..ngam aku ke keadai..tarus ku bali..hehe i bought the one w cornflakes tapi balum ku try.. krg kali..

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