Part and parcel of life


Assalamualaikum…. hi~ went through the TP and UK briefings yesterday… its official now.. i’ll be having my teaching practice at SR Danau… my old school.. my kampung’s school 🙂 kinda excited about it jua.. nervous jgn tanya lah..hehe of course im nervous about it.. but having to be with the little angels and provide them with knowledge, skills and experiences that is useful for them and their future is one of my many aims during the TP nanti.. I believe i will also be able to learn from them too, from the teachers, the headmaster and the school community as a whole.. hope everything will go well.. haven’t got a clue who my supervisor will be.. but whoever he or she will be, i promise i will try my best to be among the best 🙂

The UK briefing was really helpful.. thank you very much Cg. Zelzy for the guidance… the picture is more clearer now.. but things are still out of place…. so messy2…..need to sort things out sooon.. i mean real sooon.. still havent got the chance to do so since we went to miri today…. it was super fun~ but ada part stressful jualah….. when I was queing at sugar bun for about 15 minutes and it was exactly my turn and I almost want to place my order.. a woman.. a Bruneian.. gets in the front line and place her orders.. i almost want to say it to her face to que up… i know the line was kinda long since it was public holiday tapinya kan beque laaaaaa… lau panjang cari lagi tmpat lain… nasib jua yang kana ni aku… if orang lain? or orang miri?? nasib time tu aku alum berapa lapar…. but i was pretty mad… she didnt even say sorry or anything…. ordernya lagi banyak tu~ aaaaaahhhhh sikit lagi ku kan nyumpah dalam hati.. nasib jua awal tahun hijrah.. i have my new year’s resolutions set in my mind and my heart… that cools me down a lil… and meliat anak2nya menyejukkan aku sikit.. but have a little courtesy…. courtesy courtesy courtesy… even if kan potong que, she can ask me ‘can i place my orders first?’ i will light-heartedly say, ‘sure..’ tapi ani without feeling any guilt… is it if tani di luar negeri our MIB atu automatically hilang? but its okaylah… im not angry or holding any grudge or whatsoever but a lil upset saja…

Bought a k-drama series PASTA at miri…..yehhhhhheeee~ hehe

above is a picture of the cars of my favourite girls…. frankly speaking liat kereta durang pun aku sedih… this was the moment when we were about to go home and say good bye… ohmy….. sedih berabis….. i couldnt help it… otw balik menangis raung2 ku…. the memories automatically bumps into my head like crazy… i pray to Allah hoping that their life will be better after this… i typed a message sdh to send to them bunyinya cani.. ‘baik-baik sayang’ tapi inda ku sampai hati…… sediiiiih berabis ku….. but yeaaa… all i want from them is to take care of themselves, to have a more happier life… i pray that if they are to meet new friends after this, i hope that friends can take care of them, make them happy, be there for them, support them, accept them for who they are and know how special and kind-hearted they are.. appreciate them like i do.. time ani pun titik2 airmata ku….. i just want you girls to know that im always here for you girls.. in your up and down moments give me a call.. or message me and i’ll be there…. its gonna be okay~

The weather time atu pun hujan tah jua…. lagith kuat hujan ku…ahaha i can say that the important people in my life are now slowly slipping away from me… i hope im strong enough to go through it.. I’ll be okay insyaAllah~ if this is what is meant for me, its the part and parcel of life….. aku terima dengan sepenuh hati meskipun ia terlalu sukar…

this picture never fail to make me smile… cos this is who we really are.. a little bit ‘crazy’ on the outside..ahahah maafkan gue yaaa… thank you so much!


Ok, good night peeps~ Assalamualaikum…


Love, Mumui M.


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