Thanks for the memories


Assalamualaikum~ Hi~ So today was my last day in hostel… went to hostel with mum and the lil brother to pack things up, send the key away and say Good bye… Im not really good in good byes cos  its not easy to fling everything away… was feeling a little sad but fortunately i didnt cry my heart out.. i feel like doing so but Thank God I didn’t..  im sad but I’m happy for myself.. you know, the struggle and triumph (can i say triumph? or not just yet?aha) I’ve faced during my stay in hostel and my study in UBD is something I can be proud of.. something that I can share with my children, my grandchildren, my nieces, my nephews in the future.. insyaAllah.. Im also happy that although I had to spend longgg 5 years in Uni cos I went through diploma program and got articulated to degree… I also get to meet such wonderful wonderful great friends who stood by me from the beginning till the end.. i can say that my Uni life was the best moments in my whole life…. words can’t describe how much I love being a part of the wonderful friendship with them… how much I pray that this friendship will never end.. how much I hope that Uni life will not end.. How much i wish to see them in the morning and laugh with them like I use to for the past 5 years… is indescribable..  I do not know how, what my future will hold for me.. who I’m gonna spend it with…  how my life will be as a teacher… will i be able to pursue my studies to MA? although everything is uncertain now but I hope everything will be fine…

Took final pictures of my hostel areas… sob2….. lorong2, the toilets, my room, corridor, my favourite ‘veranda’ where i go online and menikmati pemandangan..hehe i love that spot~ so relaxing and calming…. everytime ngalih after class i go online di sana and enjoy the beautiful scenery di sana 🙂 the tiring steps!ahaha had the 2nd floor room for 2 years! im soooooo gonna miss the stairs..ahaha asal naik mesti ampus… tapi inda jua kurus2nya..ahaha didnt have the opportunity to took pic of the canteen.. one of my favourite spot jua~ahaha obviously…… the  TV room is also great~~ im soooo gonna miss this place…… had soooooo much happy memories there….. with the girls :’)  Im currently working on something…. will post it when ive finished doing it 😉 tunguuuuuuuu~heheh oklah, i gtg now~ tata

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  1. dapur hostell hehe..tmpat buat indomie walaupun jarang… tapi bataaah siapnya mun buat indomie sana atu hehe :)))

    • Ika…… ahahah awuuu bnr…. aku lau kan masak tarus tu no. 6 p batah jua masih… smpat lgi ku menyapu bilik apa….aaha p lau di hostel selalu tu tais liur indomee…. nyums! nah tais liur th ku nah..aha

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