Hi hi hi…… what a busy sunday……. huhuhu havent start my revision yet……. aduh…… thankful for the existence of coffee.. it did help me a lil to cope with the fatigue and all… some people drink red bull and some claim that its effective to boost a lil energy for the body and to stay late at night.. but pity me… it didnt taste right to my tastebud… bought it few days ago konon kan mencuba but only took a sip and i couldn’t sip anymore… so rugi eh… i mean, if it really can make me energised and stay late at night i would really want to have some of those during this exam season…… but all i have now is my homemade creamy coffee with nutella i stole from mum’s baking section…ahahaha i hope mum inda tanya kemana ilangnya nutella ani krg…ahahah cos i think i wanna finish up the whole bottle… ahah kidding… rasa rasa ku saja plg tu……. cos its just sooooooo nyummy~~ i think im officially a chocolate addict by now… huhuhuh if sehari inda makan chocolate inda sah.. banar th…… then i’ll get sugar rush….. soo not good for the health jua… have to control myself…

Btw… yesterday i wanted to buy Easi Kad $5… and i was carrying $5 note with me.. masa rah counter I said… ‘Easi kad 5 satu ah’ and cashier atu cakap ‘sigup nada jual sini’ then i said, ‘sigup? aku mau easi kad 5 bah’ then the indonesian said, ‘tadi kaka cakap HIJAU SATU AH’ and i was like WHAT????????AHAHAHAH i tot i said easi kad 5 rupanya aku cakap IJAU!!!ahahah maybe dlm utak ijau pasal aku liat duit ku $5 atu p aku tecakap IJAU instead of EASI KAD 5…… jauh banar jua tu…… and that indonesian laugh his hearts out.. ceh! p ketawa plg ku jua.. kesian jua ia ketawa sorang2…. ahaha maluuu ku….


Love, Mumui M.


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