The Not so Ugly Betty


I am a big fan of ugly betty ever since i started watching the series couple of months ago… watched season 3 & 4 and was so disappointed that the series ended with her being alone…… huhuh at least i wanna know if she’ll be with daniel or matt…… hehe at the moment im so missing the show…. i really hope there’s season 5 of it….. i keep on reading ugly betty’s blog at ABC… just the way it was presented in the show and everytime i read it, i feel rather close to the show 🙂 they’re so funny and i just love betty so much 🙂 –> yeap! be inspired!heheh

This is one of my favourite post from her: 🙂

Matt-less in Manhattan (Feeling Small In a Big City)

It’s hard to be happy with someone else when you’re not happy with yourself. And with that realization, my boyfriend, Matt, left Manhattan (and me) for a journey that I hope will ultimately lead him to happiness. Since his departure, I have been living alone in the largest metropolis in the nation and I have to admit, sometimes it’s hard to not feel small, insignificant, or even invisible when there are just so many people. It’s easy to get lost in a crowd, overlooked by the passersby, dismissed by a neighbor. And it’s even easier to let all this get you down.

But then you realize it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s as simple as when you walk down a busy street, and you smile at a complete stranger and they smile back. Suddenly that person doesn’t feel so small, and you don’t feel quite as small, either. Maybe that person will then take your smile and pass it along to someone else. Or maybe they’ll help an elderly woman up the stairs, hold an elevator for that lady with a stroller or even just resist the urge to make an obscene gesture when someone bumps into them from behind.

If you are willing to make an effort… sometimes even the smallest of gestures can make the difference between feeling lonely or feeling like you matter in the world. So I ask you, my readers, what kinds of things do you do when you feel lonely? What do you do to make the world seem just a little bit smaller?

I LOVE THE SUAREZ~ 🙂 thanks for the memories ugly betty~

PS: Beblog tah pulang c mumui ani!!! esok ekkkkjjjjeeeeeeeeemmmm


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