Hampir ke situ


Exam just started yesterday….. went thru the first paper yesterday.. science paper…. Really thankful that I was able to finish the paper in 2 hours.. time management… time management is really important in exams.. especially now when all the papers are reduced to 2 hours and there’s no longer 10 minutes reading and jotting down points time allocated for us….. huhuh i was pretty nervous yesterday…. banar… nervous berabis ku…… my brother bawa jalan2 and makan2 before the exam pun aku rasa resah saja.. makan pun inda ku beselera….nervous berabis…… i hope i’ll be doing okay after this.. will be having my exams tomrrow, thur, sat, mon and wed… my final exams in UBD… huhuhuh gotta be strong…… looking at my close friends face always make me wanna hug them *boh tebongkar rahsia..ahahah* i dun wanna end our moments in UBD….. everything is so perfect….. gotta let go sooner or later…… we’ll still be friends even if inda lagi UBD.. kan kamu??hehee Good luck UBD-ians!!! Good luck my 18+7 friends~

Glitter Graphics

Good Luck Glitter Graphics

Love, Mumui M.


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