Things I wanna do (For now)


Life is too short, eat dessert first 😉 i love that quote…. but sometimes life doesnt go that way… cant do what we love first without doing the more important stuffs first which selalunya boring…..huhu i wish i can eat dessert first… that is to watch a korean drama full set in one go.. while eating empire’s popcorn, italian foods, then go shopping till i drop… then read a good-read book…… then off i go to do my exams passing with flying colours~ahaha in your dreams mui!

Here are the things i long to do….. (right now..ahaha) just to ease up the stress bah~

1. Wana eat super rich melt in your mouth triple layer hazelnut mousse chocolate cake! ahaha

2. I wanna bake!

3. i wanna go to theme park…… ride the rollercoaster and shout on top of my lungs

4. i wanna go to New York City

5. i wanna watch tear-jerking movies and cry my heart out

6. i wanna have a long relaxing swim

7. i want a good head massage with soothing music & nice smelling aromatherapy

8. i want to be in Greys Anatomy…..ahahaha


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