A lil something from the heart :)


Salam my dearest readers…. how are you guys doing? im currently not in my tip top condition.. huhuhu but hey, i’ll be okay.. Ya Sudahlah like Bondan said..ahaha Thank you to you wonderful people who care so much about me 🙂 i’ll be okay~ its revision week for us, the uni students.. exam is just around the corner and i seriously do not know how well and how far i am doing at the moment.. and seriously this semester’s courses are kind of chalengging especially in undergoing its exams.. two of my courses are merijapppppp where there are no notes given just points and slides given by my fellow collegues for their presentation.. i hope.. really2 hope we are on the right track.. Sejarah 3 is kind of a headache.. not that i’ve started revising but looking at the previous presentations makes me shiver.. how am i gonna get thru this? im not sighing.. its just a matter of me being ready or not to go through my final and last exam (insyaAllah) during my 5 years in uni.. maths lagi.. paning kepala ku eeee… ingat maths ingat Mr. *tut* aissshh… STREEEWWEEES!ahaha


lets put all that aside dulu.. lots of things are coming to an end in my life right now.. my uni life, my hostel life (which literally had ended couple of months ago..ahaha), my coupon life (oh my!), my Ummi Solomeh life and etc.. lots of wonderful things that means alot to me.. i will surely miss driving to uni early in the morning… selalunya time driving tu th ku reminisce my life.. the ups and downs of my life.. been so sentimental for a few week ani during driving.. mesti titik2 airmata ku.. i’ll surely miss the lovely ladies.. EDH.. Went thru lots of wonderful memories with them all this while.. i always feel so blessed and lucky to be a part of the wonderful friendship.. u can always count on them.. whenever you need a hand, trust me.. they are always there for you… and i never lack that from them… when I need someone to talk to.. when i need someone to be with me.. they will be there…. we have gone through lots and lots of things together.. for 5 years… its a lie if i say our friendship is always great and cheerful.. but im proud to say, the best thing about our friendship is that we accept each other for who we really are.. no matter what happen, at the end of the day, it is still we ourselves and us… Mumui, Dyane, Eyan & Hana.. :’) for couple of years ani.. we also get to be with these 2 wonderful people, Mena & Tan.. they are part of us now.. we have spend so much GREAT times together.. the time spent together is something i will forever missed and never forget.. Love kamu semua *big bear hug* Here’s a lil something for you guys 🙂 Three things about you (of cos there are many.. for now tiga saja dulu aa) 🙂



1. Our very own clown.. imported specially from Kg. Kebia..AHAHA Lawaknya cali nak mampos.. 5 taun sama ia 5 taun atu th jua kami masih ketawa tebahak2 dgn lawaknya..ahaha Love you Dy for who u really are~ No one can ever be like you~ u r special in your own ways 🙂

2. A very dedicated person 🙂

3. a strong person in heart 🙂



1. she may seem a lil tegas when first knowing her but getting to know her, will make you realise she is one of the nicest and kindest people in the world~ 🙂 Dalam mau tau..ahaha

2. i know she will be there for me in anyting, anytime.. 🙂 all this while she never fail to do so 🙂

3. someone who i have my complete trust on and im the type of person who does not trust people easily 🙂 she is someone you can trust, trust me 😉



1. One of many people i know who has lots of uniqueness…ahahah be proud hana cos u r unique 😉

2. she will always support you in anything… walaupun sora sumbang mambang menanyi dapan pentas and alot of people are BOOOO-ing you but i know she will still shout on top of her lungs for your name to support you no matter what 🙂

3. Someone who has a really sensitve heart but i know she is strong inside 🙂



1. someone who supports you no matter what~ 🙂

2. someone who can make you feel special in lots of different ways 🙂

3. a very generous person 🙂



1. Dangan ku berabut drumstick!AHAHAHA

2. someone who i share my cartoon obsessions with..ahaha UP, cloudy with a chance of meatballs..

3. someone who introduces me, dairy of a whimpy kid and got me hooked up..ahaha


Hope you guys know how special you guys are to me 🙂


with uni life ending soon meaning to say, im gonna move to a new stage in my life.. being a teacher…. i’ll be having my teaching practice early january next year…… oh my my! Teacher Mumui??? that doesnt sound right..ahaha teacher nurul? teacher nisa? teacher khairun?ahahah that sounds funny…… so apa bisai? teacher nurul sounds typical..ahaha ada lagi tu.. teacher mumui is like selamba… teacher nisa sounds not me..ahahah bah semuath jangan… teacher morni??? AHAHAH penyeluru.. so dearest readers, help me…….


a) Teacher Nurul

b) Teacher Mumui

c) Teacher Nisa

d) Teacher Khairun

e) Teacher …… (please suggest a name other than those mentioned above..)

Till here, my headache is still not subsiding yet.. huhuh good night~


Love, Mumui M.


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  1. Ns…awww i cried…that is so sweet of u…trust me, i will cherished every moments of u together, u guys stand by no matter what, im honoured to be part of this friendship…bear hugs..Thanks :’)

  2. teacher SaSa.. haha out..teacher Khairun… mcm soo not mumui..Cikgu Nurul mcm org baik2 bunyinya mui..hehe atu pun ok… Cikgu Khairunnisa…Teacher Runnisa… bah jagaaa nda mau beranti

  3. ahahah lol teacher sasa mcm cigu bdn body builder tu ka……ahaha teacher badan sasa krg kana panggil……ahahah cali2… Cikgu Nurul.. aseh mcm heroin dlm novel bah bunyinya kaa…ahahah ok2 akan dipertimbangkan ;D aseh

    kalau Cikgu Khai ka???????AHAHAHA Ingat ku khai rosma ex-bf mu dulu kaaa…ahahah

  4. Hola Ns~ey thanks for things..huhu dah tak tahu nak bilang apa dah..nya ong putih..speechless keke..here three things for u but yep got many but 3 dulu keke adeh..

    1.MUMUI- Mulut Untuk Mengunyah Untuk Idup (Notice the Capital Letter..adeh highlight lg tu)

    Tafsir:Psl Mulut Untuk Mengunyah Untuk Idup tuk maksud ku,atu pembayang saja..dlm idup jgn kurang pembayang sampai ada bayang2 (granti stress ne simpang biur bckp) psl kunyah mkn2 ane i nak minta maaf ucap jerawatmu yg di hhidung mu ah msa di Umi Salome dulu2..kekeke basa ketawa si Mumui tym atu..ank dua ekor tu lagi menambah volume..gagar bah kuah ruti kosong ku atas meja makan..hantapp..i treasure the moment, every single moment, dari mengorder hingga keluar dari Umi Salome..now jarang tah kesana ne..gona miss the waiter keke yg belagu sampai tutup mata ah..bru ku prasan now hensem rupanya ya atu..bah bah bila kesana?jgntah~ya putih,paksa jua ku bebadak tu spya sebati..urg jua jrg bebadak..abis usin mebali badak..hmm promo sikit..spa bebadas kat luar sana tue,pakailah padak Aiken..tpi tak boleh letak kat muke kalau tak, muke jadi bebadas dah..Aiken~Memang Serupa Bikin~

    2.NURUL-Nurul Urut Rasa Untung Lerrrr (Notice the Capital Letter..adeh highlight lg tu)

    Tafsir:C Mumui ane kuat ketawa..bulih jua get body massage (urut, untuk makluman saja) sal ya ketawa pukul2..p nda plg ku nyanyat minta ‘body massage’ darinya..actually Mui byk lebam plg bdn ku slama tni 5 tahun bekawan..mls ku bebunyi ganya..aku bah baik urangnya (atu..transparent) talking about ketawa2 ne..adehh~uncensored..ingat ko Mui tym lecure MIB tni ketawa vibrate..gilaaaaa sipet mua ku berabis..panas ah tym atu..sunyi lagi lecture atu sal org mbaca doa..kita dua tkinjat kinjat ketawa..woseh c Babu dari belakang a.k.a Eyan mnagur “Dyane Mumui sudah sudahhh (in a whispering voice)” tp pasal apa tni ketawa tu ah?keke di lcture MIB ane jua org (dua org kh) in service betanya tni “Kamu dua kambar kah?” Whattt?tarang2 kirai ku tarang hitamnya dari si Mumui..boleh ke?memang minta di service tu urang atu..promo sikit..sape2 (bukan sapi ne..ane sape2 a.k.a siapa2 vers Msia..makluman saja) yg mata kabur tue..picik dua biji limau kesturi lalu tumpahkan kat mata..mula2 memang masam~tpi sejenak jadi manis..dgn berkat sabar, mudahan mata tak kabur lagi..kali kan Mui keke cali jua ah..tni dua “ah?” ko liat aku, aku liat ko..toinggg sepusen mua tni keke..mahal tu komen ah..nda pernah2..

    3:NISA-Nilailah Ia Sebagai Anugerah (Notice the Capital Letter..adeh highlight lg tu)

    Tafsir:jgn plg ko prasan ko anugerah chewahh..wel everyone is anugerah and thanks tis anugerah (you) comes in my life..for all my doings..

    making you happy
    making you sad
    making you enjoy
    making you annoy
    making you feel good
    making you feel bad
    making you stress-free
    making you freak out

    whatever my attitude that affect your life positively..
    and even negatively..
    im glad you can feel them all..
    when you expereince all sort of good n bad feelings from my attitude..
    im glad you can feel them all..
    that shows you know me..
    you know
    my strengths,
    my weaknesses..

    for im just a human..
    a weak human in many uncounted ways..
    forgive me for all that hurts..
    only one that i ask..
    just one..

    Remember me with laughs and smiles…

    A Simple Simpai’s,

    DyaNe DiaNa =)

    P/S:Simpai tu bapa ku..makluman saja

    • awwwwwwwwwww………. sweeeeeeeeeet dy!!!!!!!! tebahak guleng2 ku membaca eh!!!!ahahahah thanks banget dy!!! ahaha minta maap aaa aku bagi kau free body massage for these 5 years……. aduh kesian eh…….. ingat ku, ku teampas c tan sampai ia gugur dari kerusi…… kesian kamu menahan rasa selama ani….. p baik jua tu free massage bah.. kamu jua selalu complen ‘sakit belakang hana eh’ ahahaha
      yang pasal kau tagur jerawat atu tah paling cali tu dyane!!!!!! jgn kau ah!!!amas tu dlmnya!ahahaha aku setuju tu dyane lau kau sama ia…free jua kami lau makan sana…… *kau tau lah aku pasal menjodohkan kau ni asyik ku ni……. *hahahaaha OMG!!! masa MIB atu gila nak mampooooooooooosssssss!!!! payah ku tu nahan ketawa time atu…….. sikit lagi kan burst!!!!!!!!!!! adakah kana ucap mua tani kan sama!!! ingat ku time ku liat kau, kau liat aku!!! tarus ketawa tebahak!!! kajar2 ku time atu eh………. dulu arah wayang pun pernah jua dy tani nahan ketawa masa tani ucp drg dua orang atu… ceta apakah inda ku ingat… yang ia betapuk belakang kerusi… ‘not me not me’ kali kana tembak!ahahaha mcm c hana…ahaha cali2……
      ingat ko dy.. burger bergerak???????? ahahaha
      Thank you for the poem dy!!! 😉

      • amas apanya..amas taie idung mu lah.

        keke ceta Salt bah tu..tummm kana timbak..cian cian

        hm burger begerak?apa tu ah..tak ingat..

        tak sudi aku kana massage..atu si hana tu..apa inda sakit belankang..ketawa mcm nodding donkey..lee maklumlah orang KB..di KB byk nodding donkey yg minyak atu..hmm mcm hana jua bnr ah usulnya klw hana pakai baju ijau keke..jn mrh naa..pukul belankan kayangggg..

        btw mui lapas beguleng jn lupa bangun k?ok

      • ahaha nak mampos…….. cali…. kau ani lau c hana pakai baju ijau…. bkn mcm kura2 kan?….. ingat kau dulu??? aiiiiii siuuk tu masa tani main gusti tgn di class… ahahah siuk2!

  5. owh btw for your name..Teacher Nurul will do..Teacher Khairunnisa will do..Teacher Binti will do..Teacher Morni will do kekeke.. ok what Teacher Nurul or Teacher Khairunnisa..jgntah ingau for people’s perceptions on names..typical lah,funny lah..your name got meanings and glad that your parents named you..(huu~ seriours eh..over)

    Untuk makluman sahaja..

    Dlm Bab 8 kurungan 1 atau Bab 8 (1) “Janganlah kamu merasa kurang enak dengan nama yang diberikan oleh orang tua mu. Terimalah apapun nama yang diletakkan oleh orang tua mu. Baik atau buruk, cantik atau hodoh nama itu di telinga orang lain, jangan sekali-kali dihiraukan. Itu, yakni nama, adalah cerminan dirimu. Biar dirimu, yakni tingkahlaku mu, bercahaya sinar oleh cerminan namamu. Kerna itu, yakni nama, adalah doa.”

    P/S: Don’t quote me kekekeke

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